Bit 1 Arabella & Team Free Will

The sun peaked over the hills as if to see if anyone was there. I sat up from my bed and put on my outfit ( for the day. I've been down on earth long enough to know how humans talk, text, dress, and act. To anybody or anything, I'm just a normal human that goes by the name Arabella. That's where they're wrong. I'm an angel of the lord.

As I was about to leave my motel room, two demons appeared in front of me.
"Crowley wishes to see you." One of them says. Minions...
"May I ask why that is?" They don't say a word and grab my arm, taking me to hell. Never thought I'd think that.

We reach hell and I stand in front of King Crowley on his throne. It rightfully belongs to Lucifer. If he weren't in the cage, it would be him sitting there and Crowley on a leash.
"Yes, King." I fake curtsies and stand up with a smirk. A smirk grows on his face as well. He shoos his minions away and then says,
"I forgot just how cocky you are, Arabella." I roll my eyes.
"What do you want?" I ask him annoyed. I just wanted to go through another normal day working at the Cafe in town. Earning money to live like a normal person. I stay under the radar, I don't even know how his minions found me.
"Ah, yes. Well, you see, Lucifer is causing some... problems. I need someone to take him down. You'll be working with the Winchesters." The thought of having to take down Lucifer scares me. He's powerful. Powerful and he craves more power.

"What makes you think I'm one of God's most valued?" I ask with a smirk and folded arms.
"Castiel told me. He'll be there too, but I feel like you are more powerful than that puppy." Crowley remarks. I frown. Castiel is a loyal soldier. Weather he possesses the power to beat Lucifer or not, he's one of Heaven's most loyal. Most trustworthy. He is a warrior.
"Do not speak of my brother that way." I sternly told the King of Hell. No joking tone in my voice. "And what makes you think I take orders from you anyway?" I scoffed at him. No way will the King of Hell give me orders. I'm an angel, not a demon.

"Since I threaten to kill that little brother of yours if you don't. Lucifer cannot take my throne from me. He will not, and I need you and the knuckleheads to stop him for me." Crowley yelled. I was stunned he actually threatened me with Castiel. It caught me completely off guard.

"I will see to it that Lucifer gets stopped." I mumbled under my breath. Crowley just smirked and waved his hand as if to say 'go away now.' I took a deep breath when I was out of hell and above ground again. I scanned my invisible radar and found Cas across the country. I flew there within seconds.

In the room sat the Winchesters and Castiel. While the boys raised their guns at me and yelled questions at me, Cas furrowed his brows.
"Arabella? What are you doing here?" He asked curiously.
"Crowley sent me. He said that if I didn't help you guys take down Lucifer, he would kill you." I directed the last part to Cas who got a look of a sadness in his eyes. He knew I wanted nothing to do with the Devil, much less the King of Hell, but I was forced against my will. The positive side to this was Castiel's life.

"Okay, so who are you?" Dean asked me. By now, the boys had put the guns back and relaxed as much as they could.
"I'm Arabella, angel of the lord. I'm here to help you stop Lucifer." I explained to him and Sam. They nodded and walked off to talk privately. I didn't use my hearing to sneak in on the conversation, understanding they wanted privacy. Cas must not have. I lightly smacked his arm. He looked at me with confusion.
"Don't listen to them talking if they want privacy. I've told you before, Cas. Humans are different." He nodded and apologized to me. I just smiled at him and shook my head.
"You have much to learn about the human lifestyle." I told him. He agreed greatly.

"So, you can hunt with us if you want to. We will eventually take Lucifer down, but until we know how to do that-" Dean started but was cut off by Sam.
"We will take down any other monster we can. Save lives while we can." I nodded. Seems reasonable. Shouldn't be sitting around while people are in danger. Sam checked the time on the alarm clock on the nightstand and said,
"We start looking for cases tomorrow. Let's get some shut eye."

The boys were both passed out and I was awake with Cas, watching as they slept. Dreaming was something I've wished I could do. I imagine multiple things but it's not the same as dreaming and letting your mind take control unconsciously. To me, it's a magical thing. Something I'll never fully understand. God made them this way so they could enjoy themselves while sleeping, I guess. The least God could have done is made it so I could dream. It's a wish. Just a wish.

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