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.:Rini is a young woman, grown to protect just like her mother. Does she choose love or justice?:. 


Rini stood in front of a shop, watching the baker slowly create his beautiful creation. It was a delicious cake with beautiful decorations and flowers. The baker added hearts and unique shapes that made the cake harder to resist than it should be. Her stomach growled and she placed a hand over the noise, trying to muffle it. She should be eating actual food, not the junk she was so used to eating as a child with her mother. Of course it was delicious but it would also cause her to replace her whole wardrobe. She thought of her mother, and smiled. They did not see each other as much as she would like, but the duty of protecting the Earth now fell onto her shoulders. She promised her mother and father she would do her very best, and she held onto her words. 

Sighing, she tore herself away from the shop window, searching for a cafe of some sort instead. Maybe a nice salad, she thought. It was time to be an adult and eat healthy! She clenched her fist in determination and hurried down the road, so distracted by her moment of determination she ran right into someone knocking them and herself onto the sidewalk. Rini groaned, rubbing her head as she caught her thoughts and regained her vision. As she glanced up her eyes met those of a very handsome young male who was now staring at her in the same way. Her cheeks changed to a color as pink as her hair as she jumped up and lowered her head in apology. 

"I am so sorry! Please forgive me Sir!" She heard the male snicker, which in turn made her glance up at him. He stood there smiling down at her. 

"No need for apologies, I should be more careful about where I am walking. Such a shame to knock such a pretty lady down." 

Rini froze, she just stared at him as she smiled down at her. She had no idea what to say to him. He was so handsome, and kind too! She found herself looking around her, trying to find any reason to change the subject. Any reason for her to just run away. She was not one for talking to boys. She had always seen how her mother and father were together and she badly wanted to find love like that, but now whenever confronted by a guy she found it hard to keep her composure. The male seemed to see that she was struggling, so he reached down and took her hand, placing a kiss on the top. 

"My name is Nao, nice to meet you." He pulled gently on her hand so that she stood and was able to look at him instead of every where else. 

"Um.. My name is Rini... Thank you for being so kind. I am sorry I was so clumsy." 

Nao chuckled again and shook his head. "Well I believe that you bumping into me might have been the luckiest thing to happen to me today. If you had just been walking by, we would not of had this chance to meet. What a shame that would have been!" 

Rini smiled, really looking at him this time. His dark hairhung just above his eyes, they seemed to be a dark blue in color. His eyes smiled as he did and she couldn't help but smile back. She noticed that he was still holding onto her hand when she pulled it back and blushed a red color this time. She was sure he could feel how sweaty her palms might have been. She cursed her mother in her head, knowing she got these things from her. She then wondered why her father stook around so long and put up with what a goof ball her mother was. This made her smile, and she knew love was in the mix. Nao caught the smile and grinned himself. 

"Where did you go?" He asked, noticing that she had dazed off. 

How rude of her, she groaned on the inside and focused on Nao again. "I'm sorry, you just remind me of a younger version of my father.. Handsome and kind.. " 

Nao drank in the compliment as he watched the shades of pinks and reds change on her face. He thought it was adorable, and he loved that he created such a feeling in her. Feeling a tad awkward now she looked around and spotted the cafe she planned to eat at and that was her way out. She needed to breather, this was probably the longest she had ever talking to a guy alone. Well, a handsome one who was flirting with her that is. Rini laughed softly, eyeing the cafe to her left. 

"Well I really must be going, I need to grab some lunch before meeting up with my friends. It was nice to meet you Nao..." Rini tried to sound polite as she spoke. She watched at Nao nodded to her and took her hand in his again. He looked down into her eyes, capturing her in his voice. 

"It was such an honor to meet you too. I look forward to running into you again pretty lady." And with that he planted another kiss to her hand and was gone. Rini was sure he just hipnotized her because for several moments she couldn't move. Rei was the one who knocked her out of her daze as she too was heading to the cafe for some lunch. 

"Hey Rini, what are you staring at?" Rei galnced from Rini to the direction of her eyes that led up the street. 

"Oh.. Nothing.. I was just thinking I should go back for cake that I saw... In a window.. " 

"You are just like your mother! Come on lets get some real food!" Rei grabbed onto Rini and dragged her across the street and into the cafe. 

Taking a large bite of food, she nodded as all her friends sat around the table eating and talking about her experience with Nao. Of course Rei had beaten the truth out of her. She was not acting like herself since she sat down to eat. 

"So you mean this guy was okay with you knocking him over? Sounds odd to me!" Lita said as she sipped on her fruity drink. 

Rini smiled as she thought about how kind her was to her. "Yeah.. He actually said he was glad that I ran into him.. That meeting me made his day lucky." 

"I think meeting him made you super lucky! I wanna meet a hunky guy!!! " Mina whinned as she shoved more food into her mouth. Rini did feel very lucky and she crossed her fingers in hope of meeting Nao again one day. 

Suddenly they all heard screams coming from outside, saw people running before seeing a blast of light. They all looked at each other and knew they had to help. Throwing money on the table to cover the bill they all dissapeared into the ally as they transformed into their true forms. The sailor scouts. 

Emerging from the ally they tell others to run, and Rini searches for the source of the beaming light. Several people lay in the street, seemed to be sleeping. Ami pulls out a device from her pack and scans one of the vitums. 

"This woman is completely drained of energy! She passed out because there is no possible way she could stay awake! Someone is sucking the energy out of people!" 

The others gasp as they look around, determined now to save everyone and stop this villan from taking anything else that was not theirs! 

Following the beam of flashing light the come to a figure, seemed to be a man who held a device to which glowed like the beam of light it shot out. Each time he drained energy the device filled up a bit more. He was collecting energy but for what reason? Rini and the others ran towards this man with full force, ready to take him out! 

Sailor Jupiter stepped forward, taking her stance. "JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION!" Balls of energy went flying towards the male villan but before they could hit him, he shot the gun like energy drainer at her attack and it drained its energy! The male laughed, and stepped forward. 

"Your tricks are useless here!!! You cannot defeat me with your energy powers! They will just help me meet my quota sooner!!!" 

Sailor Jupiter was angered by this as she stepped back, allowing Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus to step forward. 


Both Scouts sent attacks at the man, giving it all they had but only with the same outcome as before! He just shot his flashing beam of light towards their attack and it obsorbs all the energy used to create it! The scouts looked around at each other and didnt know what to do. Rini stepped forward determined to take this guy out! 

"You will never succeed when stealing from others! Losers never win and I will not let you ruin such a lucky day!!!" 

Rini thought of her mother, of her friends and of Nao and they gave her strength. 

"MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!" Never using this attack alone she tried it knowing its power. The attack went whirling towards the man and the wall of energy was too much for him, sending him back and on the ground. Surprised that it worked, she and the others ran towards the man, and Rini bent down now to get a closer look at this new enemy of theirs. As the male sat up Rini gasped and fell back herself out of shock. 

The other girls behind her hand no idea to what happened, and as the man stood Sailor Mercury took action. Water and electricity are not one in the same! She thought she could destroy his device with her water! She took her stance and prepared herself. 

"SHINE AQUA ILLU-" Suddenly Rini stood up, holding out both of her hands to block the man. Her head hung to the ground but she protected him. The other girls were shocked, looked to once another in confusion. 


Rini only shook her head, glancing to her friends. 

"I cannot... This.. this man is Nao.. And I cannot allow you to hurt someone I care about!" 

The scouts gasped and so did Nao. the mystery villan. 

"Rini? Is that you?" Nao looked at her, so surprised in the irony of the days happenings.

"Yes.. I am Sailor Mini Moon..."

Rini glanced from her friends and back to Nao. This handsome kind man who had made her day so bright was not stealing the energy from innocent people! She cared so much for him already but why??? There had to be a reason! She had to hear why in hopes that she could save this relationship... He couldn't be evil... Could he?  




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