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Neptune sat in his throne not caring about a thing that is going on out side the underwater castle, the only thing that was on his mind was the golden staff and how to keep it safe from the fairies, he was not giving up on this war no matter what happen. " Daddy, there requesting more Mermen for the Merarmy, what do I tell them" Neptune looked up from then staff "Crystal darling, what have I told you" Crystal looked down "But daddy" he cut her off "NO, leave this room now, I don't care what you tell them", Crystal swam back out the door slamming it behind her "GET MORE MERMEN NOW" she yelled at one of the guards on duty not even looking at them she swam away.

The Fairy King sat in his throne, and looked around the room "My Men how are they doing, do they need more men" His son bowed his head "Father who mush longer is this was going to go on, I mean how more men do we need to send out there to die" The king looked down "My son, Prince Austin, I just want the staff back without the staff the pixie dust will run out we wont be able to fly ever again, do you want that" Austin shook his head No "NO father" the king sat back down "Leave me son, do what you need to do" Austin flapped his wings in to action and flew out the door.

Down on the shore sat Crystal on the her favorite rock, and we watched the waves roll off the rocks, she then heard wings above her, she looked up it was just Austin. he landed by her and sat down, "anything" Crystal looked at him "NO he still has no idea how the staff works, and sleeps with, How am I going to get it" Austin held her hand "it's OK, you will figure it out, I believe in you" Crystal looked at him and smiled "When this war ends I'm going to find my mother and ask her to transfer me in to human" Austin shot Crystal a nasty look and opened his mouth to speak but instead he ducked down and hid behind a rock Crystal began to speak but was caught off by a deep stern voice. ¨Crystal your father told me what happen" Crystal shot him a nasty look ¨Will, he had NO right, what happens between me and him, is our problem not yours, So go way Dylyion¨ Crystal dove back into the water and swam off into the sea leaving Austin.

When Crystal reached her room she slid on to her bed and just sat there watching her fin flip back and forth ¨I need to change my color, its too much of a green-blue color" There was a knock at her door "Prissiness Crystal..Umm your father is asking for you" Crystal swam off her bed and to the door swang it opened nodded her head and swam toward the throne room. Once she reached it Dylyion was standing by the ¨Crystal" she said noting and swam into the room ¨Father you request me¨ Neptune looked up and wave Dylyion in the room ¨This kingdom needs an air to the throne, so Crystal meet your fiance Dylyion¨ Crystal gave her father a blank stare then she looked back at Dylyion ¨I WILL NEVER MARRY HIM FATHER NEVER¨ Crystal swam way as fast as she could, she blew past the guards, past her house and up to her rock ¨Austin¨ she was almost crying at this point ¨Austin..please come down¨ She waited for awhile then she heard his wings ¨whats wrong¨ Crystal looked at him ¨they want me marry him, Dylyion¨ Austin sat down and before he could open his mouth a flash of light struck him down Crystal turned around and saw Dylyion there with his staff of war ¨what did you¨ Crystal stared yelling at him,¨pick him up, now come on, we got the Fairy prince, we can win the war now¨ Crystal stood there saying noting.

Dylyion pushed Crystal underwater them swam over to the prince body picked him up and dove into the water Crystal tried to fallow him but he was to fast so she just went back up to the surface and called out to the fairy king.

Dylyion reached the underwater castle and told the guards to oped the cell, ¨Go get the king¨ one of the guards took off and a moment latter the king arrived and laughed with pride ¨Now we can stop this war and win finely¨. Crystal tried so hard to get the Fairy's king attention but gave and dove back into the water and swam to the east side of the ocean were her mother lived.

Back at the Fairy castle, ¨King, King news got news for Neptune He has your son¨ the king shot straight up and his wings changed from a beautiful green white color to a red orange color ¨Get my son back now¨ the King then flew out the door him self and over to the rock ¨NEPTUNE¨ he holler and then he waited a bit ¨King Scoot, I see you got my letter¨ Neptune said as he came out from the water Scoot looked at him ¨My son¨ Neptune laughed ¨if you only call a surrender" King Scoot raised his staff and shot a flash of light at King Neptune ¨so you want to play that way OK¨ Neptune waved his staff and before he could command it he heard a voice for out in the distances¨Daddy NO, please¨ it was Crystal running on legs on the shore, Neptune lowed his staff ¨Baby girl what did you do¨ Crystal looked at the Fairy king and bowed ¨I transfers in to a human so I could marry Prince Austin¨ Neptune laughed and then he dove back into the water and dispersed in the night ocean.

Neptune blew past everyone and everything ¨Get the potion¨ he yelled at Dylyion ¨This pretty boy well no longer be a fairy, instead he will be a Merman living in this cell¨ Austin looked at the King and tried to speak but water came rushing into his mouth so instead he banged on the cell. Dylyion came back with the potion and he demand the guards to put in him cuffs and to fallow him to the shore, there sat Crystal on the rock waiting for sundown to turn back into a merwomen then out of the corner of her eye she saw him and Dylyion, he forced his mouth open and dumped some liquid down his mouth, when Crystal saw the pink bottle she jumped in the water and dove under, she stared to swim but was caught off guard when her feet turned back into a tail.

Crystal got about half away under when she heard a loud BOOM hit the water, she swam back up and dogged a cannon ball as it flew toward her, the war between the Aqua and Wings just got even worse then what she imaged. Another cannon ball flew into the water and Crystal flip her tail and splashed the water creating a massive wave witch roared to the shore knocking most of the fairy army off there post, she looked around looking for her prince, she could not find him so she dove back in the water and watched the cannon ball hit and wreak the seashell veillge, she sighed ¨OK father you wanted a war you got one¨ Crystal dove down and swan toward the castle. 

Dylyion and the guards were still above water and they watched as Prince Austin transformed in to a merman and the they shoved him under water and floated in shock when they saw Crystal swim towards her father Dylyion shoved one the guards in front of him ¨stop her before she gets her self killed, I cant have my queen die just yet¨ Austin tried to swim away but Dylyion had to tight of a grip on him, so instead he hollered ¨Crystal watch out¨ Crystal turned around and she him ¨Austin what have they done to you¨ the guard came out of now where and grabber her from behind ¨let me go¨ she flip her tail and another massive underwater wave came and destroyed everything in it path including taking the guard along. 

Crystal then turned back around and doge another cannon ball, and then head for her father, when she reached the castle doors he was swing around the golden staff and killing the fairy guards ¨Father, you wanted a war you got one, you made this happen, not me, you stole the staff and stared this war now you have to pay for it¨ Crystal took her necklace off and kissed it ¨This is for you Austin¨ she whisperer, there were screaming noise and loud bangs coming from out side the castle wall Crystal had to put an end to this war once and for all, this was her kingdom and her father was running it all, she made a whirlpool with tail creating a distract and the blew past her father and took the staff from his grip and banged it on the ground.

Her father looked at her ¨you knew how to work the staff all this time¨ Crystal looked at her dad and a red tear rolled down her cheek ¨sorry father your rein has come to an end, you have to pay the price for all the destruction¨ her father looked at her puzzled ¨My princess what are you doing¨ Crystal looked at the staff and banged it again and again and again, the doors flew open ¨Crystal you dont want to this¨ Dylyion said when he saw what was going on ¨Long live the king¨ Crystal pointed the staff at her father and a flash of light struck him down.

Dylyion dropped Austin and swam over to the king who was badly injured, Dylyion looked at Crystal and tried to order the guards to arrest her but they didn't move Crystal looked back at them ¨Guards arrest my father and Dylyion go and put them in the dungeon, they will be serving a life sentence¨ Austin was skuirming in the background. Crystal laughed and took the cuffs off of him ¨here take this to your father tell him I have put an end to this ridiculous war¨ Austin looked at her grabbed her and kissed her ¨you take it to him and tell him yourself¨ he shoved the staff back into her hands, Crystal took Austin hands and they both swam to the shore. 

Austin yelled for his father to come down. and when he did Crystal handed back the staff and asked him to forgive her and end the war and make peace again then Austin took Crystal hand and asked his father if he could stay a merman and marry the love of his life. After a while of silences the Fairy king shook his head yes and said ¨let there be piece for the Aqua and Wings. 

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    Well I'm sorry for the slow updates It's been really busy for my the last few months.

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    Belive it or not this is my ANOTHER account and I love this