Bit 1 BOOK REVIEW: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

WELCOME BACK TO THE WORLD OF RED QUEEN!! We reunite with Mare Barrows as her journey continues as a runaway criminal!!

The book picks up right where it left off in Red Queen. Mare and Cal are 'rescued' by the Scarlett Guard after escaping Maven, now King of Norta. Thinking they are safe with the Guard, they instead find themselves going back to the outside world to look for New Bloods, Red bloods who posses the powers of silvers, like Mare and her brother Shane. The whole point of the book is Mare and her team tracking down these new bloods before Maven kills them all.

Mare Barrows changes through out this book. She isn't the same girl who cared for those around her and tried to return to her family. Nope, this Mare is cunning, ruthless, and cruel! One can expect this from her especially after the events of Red Queen. She didn't are about killing anymore and slowly became, well, a monster. The biggest problem about Mare is that she had began to lose the fight within her. She didn't even give off the impression of 'Mare, Queen of Reds' like she did in the first book. There were even moments were I was so annoyed at her that I rolled my eyes and thought to myself 'just get it over with!"

We do get to explore more of Norta through out the book due to the adventures of the characters. Of course, the story does take place in a post-dystopian United States. There were some actions scenes thanks to my favorite character...Prince of Fire, CAL! I wanted more of him just like in Red Queen but nope I didn't get that. But my biggest COMPLAINT is that someone died in almost every action scene but it was never explained. I would be done reading the action scene and then BAM! Someone died....WHAT!?

Overall, this book was defiantly a GOOD sequel not great but good. Parts of it was just a bit dragged for me. The ending in my opinion was the best part!! Cannot wait till the next one! 3.5/5⭐️~~~~

Thank you guys for reading this review and I'll speak to you next time!!MAY THE FORCE OF FANGIRLING/FANBOYING BE WITH YOU!!! BYE!!


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  • Lauren Dix
    Lauren Dix about 4 years ago

    quite an interesting book! how many are in the series?