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Skrawl is a free reading and writing platform that allows users to read, write and vote in a shared space no matter their varying demographics or diverse backgrounds. We have listed below a number of guidelines that we enforce to ensure that the Skrawl platform is and will continue to be a safe and open environment for anyone. By using Skrawl, you adhere to our Community Guidelines as well as our Terms and Conditions. If we find that there are users that are violating the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, their account is subject to suspension and/or deletion. Any other case, not listed in this document such as images or specific comments, are subject to review by the Skrawl administrators.

Actions that are prohibited on Skrawl are as follows:

  • Posting stories, scripts, articles and debates that are in direct violation of respecting another user and/or other person(s) intellectual property. More specifically, direct plagiarism or lack of citation (or credit) of content within the bits/skrawls that is not your own.
  • [Subject to Review] Posting overly sexualized text and images, without a warning or appropriate disclaimer. Skrawl does not restrict the type of content that users publish, however, we urge our community to be aware that has a user base of varying ages, thus resulting in the existence of impressionable individuals. We advise users to please take this into account when posting. If you feel that your content may not be appropriate for all ages, please provide a disclaimer in the description box to help inform younger audiences about the nature of the content.
  • Posting overly sexualized images. Skrawl users have full creative freedom to customize their Skrawls, but we prohibit any images that show graphic pornographic images or images of children in an overly sexualized manner.
  • Posting text in comment sections, discussion boards, private messages, etc that can be deemed as harassment, racist (and/or involve hate speech), gender-phobic or explicitly violent.
  • Posting services or acts of terrorism/organized crime is prohibited. Skrawl is not a platform to advertise for the sale of goods or products as well. However, if Skrawl users wish to use content that they've created on Skrawl to sell for their own personal gain, that is allowed. However, any speak of monetization must be done off of the Skrawl platform. In addition, any hate groups or organizations, organized crime or plan of organized crime will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to report any violent or planned violent behavior to the authorities.
  • Posting another user(s) personal information. We want to ensure that all of our users are safe and are never at risk of danger. We strongly advise users to avoid sharing personal information, such as, home address, personal phone number, bank details, etc. However, if you choose to share YOUR OWN information, please do so at your own risk and we are not liable for what may occur as a result of it.
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