Chapter 4: Romance in Jeopardy

Darryl and Penelope’s love had grown many weeks after that. The thought of getting caught still plagued both their minds. They hoped and prayed that they wouldn’t be. The thought of it happening would be devastating for both of them. One day Darryl was finishing up work in the garden and caught Penelope on the bench reading. “She looks so beautiful and serene, just like a princess.” He thought. He sat next to her and she close her book once she acknowledge his presence. “Hello darling.” “Hey.” “Oh, I heard the most wonderful news. The war they said will start in the middle of April. Which means that within do time slavery will be abolished than you‘ll be a free American citizen!” “I know, I can’t wait ‘til the war starts. It’s been contemplated for far too long. I’m happy that it’ll start sooner than expected. The last time I heard they said maybe in the winter, but I knew that wouldn’t happen.” Darryl held Penelope’s hand in that moment. “Do you want to go upstairs?” She nodded her head ‘yes’ . She picked up her book and went upstairs with him. Little did they know but someone had been watching them from far away and was starting to follow them. *** Darryl and Penelope was thankful that no one never suspected anything suspicious about them seen together all the time. It was a big relief for both of them. Plus when they would once looking for each other, no one thought it to be strange either. Once inside Penelope laid her book down on her desk and kissed Darryl’s cheek and they both smirked at each other. Darryl whisk Penelope off her feet and laid her down on the bed and began to denude her. Darryl caressed Penelope’s face as she moaned and kissed his hand. As they were commencing their love making someone was looking out via the crack opening in the door of the room. He kissed her and she wrapped her arms around him. She removed his shirt and caressed his chest as she continue to kiss him as he kissed her back. They were about to consummate when the door to Penelope’s room flung open. “ GET OFF OF MY SISTER AT ONCE BEFORE I HAVE TO KILLED!” They quickly stopped kissing each other and turned around to see Fredrick staring at them with rage in his eyes. Penelope grabbed the sheet that was covering her nude body and Darryl quickly got off the bed. “YOU RAPIST! HOW DARE YOU FORCE MY SISTER INTO HAVING RELATIONS WITH YOU!” Penelope couldn‘t believe what her own brother had just said. “HOW DARE YOU WRONGFULLY ACCUSE DARRYL OF SUCH A HORRID CRIME! HE WAS NOT RAPING ME!” “IS HE MAKING YOU SAY THAT?” “NO!” Fredrick sprinted over to Darryl and tried to punch him, but Penelope prevented him from laying on a hand Darryl. “STOP!” Fredrick glared at Penelope in shock. “He’s making you defend him isn’t he?!” “Absolutely not! He isn’t making me do that!” Fredrick ignore Penelope and throw Darryl’s shirt at him. “I could kill you right now, but than again I rather spare your life and order you leave my parents home.” Darryl indignation intensified. “Unbelievable! Treating me like I’m some fiend, a wild animal! How could you do something so evil like this! How can you do this to me?! Even worst to your own sister!” Fredrick yelled at him again. “I’m saving my sister life and dignity by having a fiend like you get out of her home! I knew from the moment you came into this house and stared to look at her that you were contemplating doing this!” Darryl felt like attacking him now, so did Penelope. “ Listen to me. I NEVER have or would harm your sister nor would I ever force her into having relations with me. I would NEVER rape a woman!” “GET OUT! GET OUT BEFORE I THINK OF HAVING YOU HANGED! YOU DISGUSTING SLAVE AND RAPIST!” Darryl gave Fredrick a dirty look and walked out the room. Penelope than began to cry as she watched Darryl leave. “Darryl… Darryl… Darryl, please don’t go. Don’t leave me…” She ran over to him and grabbed a hold of his arm. He turned around and looked at her, tears in her eyes as she pleaded for him to not listen to her brother and stay. But Darryl knew that if he stayed, their would be mayhem. He let go of Penelope’s grip on his arm and went out the door of her room. She should their frozen and all hysterical. Penelope turned to Fredrick, indignation was filling her now red eyes. “FREDRICK, GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW!” Penelope grabbed hold of his coat collar and forced Fredrick out of her room. She started to slob again and threw herself on her bed as she cried and let out wails. Darryl went downstairs and passed Ester and Asa who had just came from a visit to the doctor’s. “What’s going on? Why was Darryl in the house?” Ask Ester. “I don’t know.” Replied Asa. While Penelope was laying in her bed all curled up in a ball while clutching her pillow. She slipped on back her nightgown by than. She when to her window and saw that Darryl was living the property. She cried even more as she watched him leave. Penelope looked out the window again she saw someone coming towards the house at first she thought it was Darryl turning back but it wasn’t. When Fredrick cam downstairs he was greeted by his parents. “Hello mother. Hello father.” “Hello Fredrick. Uh, why was Darryl leaving here? More important why was he leaving our property rather than heading to his shack?” Asa asked. “Yes. Please. Tell us what’s going on? What has been going on here while we were gone?” Before Fredrick could speak, Penelope came running down the stairs with dread in her eyes. Whoever Penelope saw coming towards the house from her window didn’t had good intentions of coming here.

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