The ship coming to Atlanta was long, all of the slaves in the ship were rowing the boat as it hit the strong waves whacking it as it sailed. The slaves were all tired and covered in sweat from their long hours of rowing. “ Alright! You can all stop, we’ve reached our destination!” The slave master yelled. Everyone than ensemble into alignment. From youngest to oldest slave and from male to female. “ Alright, you are all going to match up these stairs two-by-two and from the ships dock all the way down to the platform. Than you’ll all stand in line and wait to be sold to your slave owner. Is that understood?!” “YES SIR!” Everyone did as ordered. Once everyone reached the shore, they all made a perfect alignment as ordered. The slave master than inspected all the slaves as he pasted along them person to person. He went to every slave ‘til he reached Darryl. Darryl was slim with a mocha complexion and had patted black curly hair. Darryl was brought as a slave when he was sixteen in Africa. He was an orphan and lived in the orphanage ‘til he was sixteen. There, he was taught to read and write. After he was captured by the slave masters, he had to act like he didn’t had any form of education whatsoever. To this day, no slave master knew that. Darryl was the ONLY slave known to never caused trouble nor did he ever attempted to escape. “I must say, Darryl. You are the ONLY slave who has never caused any trouble to me or any of the other slave masters. Maybe the others should learn from you.” The other slave always found Darryl to be an outsider, a non conformist. He NEVER caused any trouble and none of them could ever understand why. He hated being a slave, yes. But he never showed that he hated taking orders. It was like he was a machine, not really a human being. Whatever it was about Darryl, it was abnormal to the other slaves. But to the slave masters it was intriguing and something they would never expect in a slave. “Alright now. You all are to wait to be sold at the registration office right over there. You’ll be inspected by you potential owners, than they’ll decide who they want. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!” “YES SIR!” Everyone went to the registration office and all stand in a long row as always and it the same format. “Gee, Darryl is certainly some real slave owner pet alright.” One of the slaves remarked to another. “Your telling me, he practically-” “IS THAT BICKERING I HEAR FROM YOU TWO?!” They both went dead. “ARE YOU BEING INSOLENT TO ME?!” “N-n-no s--s-Sir. We-we were just t-t-talking about Darryl and-how-how he such a-a-” “ARE YOU BEING DISREPECTFUL TO A MODEL SLAVE LIKE HIM? IS THAT WHAT YOUR INPLYING?” “Uh-uh-uh yes. I mean no. I mean-” The slave master was about to him when Darryl went and hit the slave himself with the back of his fist. “You have no right to speak to a follow slave like that. If you have nothing nice to say about anyone, than you should just keep it to yourself. Oh and watch who you be insolent to in the future.” Darryl than turned away from the slave and went back to assuming position. “I like him.” Said one of the potential slave owners. The slave master turned. “Ah. I see that you do. Follow me, come Darryl.” Darryl follow the two men to the office where the paper work to be done. “What is your name?” “Darryl, Sir.” “Mine is Sir Asa Clarck.” Asa extended his hand to Darryl and he shook it. Asa was looking for a slave who was strong and wanted to see if Darryl was as he anticipated. “Are you strong, boy?” Darryl went over to a large wooden box full of black feathered pen ink and positioned it from a bare spot to short stack of other wooden boxes. Asa was impressed. “Good. I‘ll take him.” Asa sign the papers and than Darryl followed him out the door with the slave master. “I must say, Darryl. I think you’ll be of a mighty servant to Sir Clarck.” Darryl only stared at him. Asa called to Darryl. “Come along boy. I can’t keep my wife waiting all day.” Darryl than quickly followed Asa to the buggy where their was a cargo trailer attached. Darryl climbed aboard the trailer and sat in the right hand coroner. Asa went to the driver sit of the buggy and tapped on one of the horses and galloped away. Little did Darryl knew that his arrival to the home of Sir Asa Clarck would be a life changing experience for him.

Cover Bit 2

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