Mickaël Trace lived his life on a very dangerous and fine edge, one that could cut without remorse. As an Agent within the CSIS, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, he knew that he was sworn to secrecy. Each and every day could very well be his last. But that was the life he chose. With years of service and duty under his belt, he thought he knew how to handle almost every situation that life threw at him. But when Abelone Solé comes crashing into his rule driven world, he's at a loss. She was everything he couldn't stand. Rich, spoiled, snobby... sexy, gorgeous, intelligent... A rich Heiress from France. Abelone Solé couldn't believe her luck. Her first time visiting Canada and she finds a dead body! And to make matters worse, she has to deal with an arrogant bastard who treats he

Suspense Thriller