James Bobby Wilson, better known as "Jim-Bob" as the town lovingly called him, had just lost his beloved wife Martha. He owned many acres of land at the edge of town. Jim Bob was a loner who turned bitter since the loss of his wife. He stayed on his land and maintained the crops and animals that supplied the town with a big percentage of their food.

After Martha passed away, Jim Bob took a tremendous love for each animal; a love so great that he closed down his slaughter house and stuck to producing milk, cheese, and eggs. Every animal was treated as though they were one of his own children- he looked after them, fed them, cleaned them and even talked to them daily. Jim Bob was eventually labeled as a loner.

One day a group of cheerleaders from the local high school, were performing community service by helping Jim Bob tend to the animals. At the end of the day, Andrea, the cheerleader captain, took to the horses and didn't see the harm in asking Jim Bob if her and the girls could ride them.

"Heya Jim Bob, you think I could a ride on this beauty?"

"No, no! You've done your community service, now go on home." Andrea was taken aback and stared at Jim Bob. Jim spoke in an authorative tone now. "Go on now, y'all have no more business here!" Jim was serious and stared at the group of girls.

"But Jimbo, just one short ride. These horses aren't meant to be stuck in these stables all day!" Another girl stood by Andrea.

"Now unless you have thicker skulls than those jocks you date, understand that I only let you here today to complete some work for school. Now get off my land!"

All of the girls exclaimed in unison. They began to yell disgusting names and derogatory things at Jim Bob. They taunted and teased him and he yelled back.

"Get off my damn land before I call the cops! You buncha ungrateful b-"

The girl who spoke after Andrea picked up a big piece of wood lying near her and threw it at Jim Bob's tractor.

"Jamie Lynn!" Andrea appeared shocked yet she laughed. She then flipped off Jim Bob.

The girls jumped in their car and sped off. Jim Bob stood by and looked apalled. In all his years he knew of some troubled teens, but these girls were no ladies in his opinion. He decided against calling their parents. He let it go. Never again would he allow any school kids to perform their community service on his land.


Later that night, the girls got together with their boyfriends at the lake. After many drinks, they went to the local diner that was their hangout spot. Although they all agreed not to mention anything about earlier, Jamie blurted out everything that had happened earlier.

"I bet these goddman eggs came from that asshole's farm. Someone should teach that old miserable crow a lesson!"

"What are you going on about?" Andrea's boyfriend, Jerry, leaned in closer to hear Jamie.

"Nothing, it was all stupid really. Jim got all huffy with us when we asked to take a ride on his horses."

After the guys exchanged looks, the girls decieded to call it a night being that they had practice the next morning. The guys all stayed at the diner to talk.

"We should talk to Jim Bob. He didn't have to be rough on the girls. They're defenseless."

Arty laughed and shrugged it off. "Let it go man, we know how the girls can get. Maybe they-"

Arty stopped talking when the rest of the guys stared at him. It was as if he said something that was going to get him beat up. Two years ago, Arty was picked on by these guys that he now called his friends. Jerry was the team quarterback on the school's football team and he dated the most popular girl in school, Andrea. Arty joined track and was a very fast runner. Overtime he grew taller and got more fit. Jerry who was usually at practice when Arty was at his own practice, approached him about joining the school's team as a half back. He jumped on the opportunity.

Now being over one year later, Arty realized that these guy's girlfirend's, who were also the cheerleader's for their team, were mostly spoiled rotten brats of the wealtheir residents in the town. They had no respect for authority and some had tempers, like Jamie Lynn. He dated Cassandra or, "Cassie", Andrea's younger sister. Although they were all considered "jocks", Arty and Cassandra didn't let their popularity get to their head. And Arty, above all, knew that his "friends" shouldn't waste their time defending the "pig-headed cheergirls" they called their "ladies".

"I don't mean anything by it-" The guys waited in silence. "it's just that Jim Bob scares the hell out of me."

The guys looked at each other and Jerry started lauging.

"No shit, Art. The old man is a beast!"

The guys laughed.

Jim Bob, although old in age, stood 6'5" and had the agility of a man in his 30's. He wasn't incapable of taking care of himself and everyone in town knew this. Jerry continued.

"Maybe we should go and talk to him. My old man says Jim Bob is not that bad."

The guys agreed.


When they arrived at Jim Bob's house, it was no different.

"Hey Jimbo, may I please have a word with you?"

"If it's about those no-good, thick headed girls, you can save yourself the trouble and just get on outta here!" Jim bob took a puff of the tobacco in his pipe.

"Hey man that's not fair! They're just girls!"

Jim Bob ignored Jerry. Jerry looked at the rest of the guys. Arty stood still and Clyde shrugged his shoulders. The other two guys looked upset.

"Hey Jim, what the fuck is your problem man!"

Jim Bob ignored him and continued smoking. He lifted his paper up to read. Jerry couldn't stand the way the man was acting. He marched up the steps. He stood before Jim Bob now, who now looked up from his paper. Jerry stared at him back.

"Jerry just let it go." Arty spoke now. He was affraid of what could happen.

"Shut up Art!" Jerry said this while staring at Jim Bob. "You know Jim Bob, you've been really fucked up problem since your wife died. You'd think it would give you some compassion but instead you act like it was the world that killed her."

Jim Bob lowered his paper. Jerry smiled.

"Then again, your wife probably offed herself knowing what a piece of shit she was married to!"

Like lightening, Jim Bob reached behind him and pulled out his rifle. He aimed it at Jerry who now had his hands up in the air. He slowly backed off the porch to where the rest of the guys were standing with their hands up in the air too.

Another Jock, named Darren, kept walking toward Jim Bob. Jim Bob aimed his rifle.

"What are you planning to do Jim Bob? Shoot us all?"

Darren kept walking and Jim Bob fired a shot in the air.

"I done told all you jock strap, wearing pansies! I don't give a damn about your twirling tattered brain girlfriends. Now you all better get the hell off my property." Jim Bob spoke calmly.

"Fuck you!"

Darren lunged toward Jim Bob. Jim Bob calmly lifted his rifle and shot toward Darren's feet. Darren stopped dead in his tracks and lifted his hands now. Jim Bob stepped off the porch slowly.

"Next time, it won't miss boy!" The guys looked at each other. "Now get the fuck outta here!"

Jim Bob went inside his house. The guys looked at each other, whispering amongst each other. They didn't expect it to go this far with Jim Bob. In fact, they didn't think he was capable of pulling a gun on them. The guys got into Jerry's truck and drove off.


All of the jocks gathered with their girlfriends at the diner in the evening.

"Jim Bob needs to remember why he has that land." Jerry secretly poured liquor in his soda.

"I mean really, if it wasn't for Andrea's mom, he woulda lost that farm a long time ago! Ugh!" Jamie Lynn said this.

"Hey guys, tonight when Jim Bob sleeps, we should go and teach him a lesson." Clyde laughed.

"Hey man, I'm not trying to fight Jim Bob!" Arty stopped eating his fries.

"No!" The girls exclaimed altogether.

"Poor guy always has a stick up his ass since Lady Martha died. Just leave him be." Andrea almost sounded sympathetic.

"The old man fired a shot at Darren! He could have hurt him."

The girls looked at each other, shocked.

"He needs to learn that he can't be doing things like that!" Jerry sounded angry.

"Yeah! Hey, we should go and scare him then." Clyde and Jerry gave each other a high five.

"Guys, please. Just leave him be." Cassie intervened. "You don't know what that man could do!"

The guys had been drinking since the encounter with Jim Bob and no matter what the girls said, it fell on deaf ears.


Jim Bob was getting ready for bed. As he took off his overalls, he heard a loud squeal coming from the pig pen. He raced downstairs and got a flashlight and his rifle. He hurriedly made his way down to the pig pen. When he looked down, to his horror, his big mama pig, named Elsa, was slaughtered- her head was cut off. He cried out. He loved all of his animals, but it was his wife Martha, who adored Elsa and her piglette, who she also named "Theo". Jim Bob lifted his rifle when he heard footsteps by him.

"Y'all get the fuck off my property!"

Darren quietly snuck up behind Jim Bob and took his rifle from him. He hit his elbow upward, hitting Jim Bob in his temple and making him dizzy. The other jock, Clyde, opened the cow pen letting all of Jim Bob's cows out. The all laughed. They taunted and teased Jim Bob as they terrorized his animals all around the farm.

"Just stop it! Please! You're gonna mess with the town's produce. Just stop it. Y'all wanna get even, come and beat me up, I won't fight back! But please, please, leave my animals alone!"

"Aw, look at the old man beg like a little wimp!"

Arty looked around and guys were all drunk. Darren handed the gun to another Jock named Brandon. Brandon took another swig from his flask. Darren stepped foward.

"You're so concerened with your pigs aren't ya?"

The whole group started laughing again. Darren pulled out a big bloody knife and looked at the pigs.

"Hey Jim Bob, I know why you like being out here all alone, you must like fucking the pigs huh? Come here piggy face." He reached for Theo. He looked up at Jim Bob with a mischievous smirk." Fuck you, you pig fucker!" The guys laughed hysterically while Darren finally caught the pig named Theo.

"Boys, please. I'm begging you, please don't kill no more of my pigs. Please." Jim Bob was now crying. The guys laughed. "The animals have nothing to do with this!"

Darren got a hold of a frantic Theo. Jim Bob remembered how much Martha loved Theo while she was alive. On her deathbed, she made Jim Bob promise never to slaughter her beloved Elsa and Theo and this was why Jim Bob closed down his slaughter house.

"Please boy, I'm begging you, Martha treasured that pig."

Darren howled with laughter as he sliced the pig's throat. Jim Bob made a quick move toward Brandon, who was holding the gun causing it to go off. The guys looked around and Jim Bob walked slowly. Finally he collapsed clutching his chest. As he layed on the floor dying Jerry took the gun from Brandon. The other guys were drunk and laughing.

"What the fuck did you do! We were just gonna scare him!"

Arty started throwing up.

Darren came forward putting a hand on Arty's shoulder. Arty smacked it away.

"There's nothing we can do about it now." Darren tried to reassure Arty.

"Let's finish the job then. Let's give this town something it will never forget." Brandon smiled.

He went to Darren who was hacking off Theo's head. They struggled as they cut the face off of Theo. Darren went to a dead Jim Bob and sat him up against a pole. He put the pig face on him. When it kept sliding off, they searched around the stable and found a hammer and nails. Against all of Arty's protests, they nailed the pig face onto Jim Bob's corpse while the other three jocks laughed.

"We need to make this look like a robbery. Let's raid his house for the valuables."

Darren gave Arty a flask and made him drink. "Come on man, there's nothing we can do to change it. Take a drink and get some balls. Let's go. We stick together!"


Clyde went to finish off the rest of the animals as Arty stood watch, in front of the house. Jerry, Brandon and Darren laughed all throughout the house as they searched. Arty caught two horses galloping around in the moonlight and admired their beauty. He thought that no doubt Jim Bob loved them as much as he loved his wife Martha. He thought about Cassie.

Suddenly he heard a loud snap of a branch near by, followed by a scream coming from the slaughter house. The guys in the house came running out. Arty ran toward the scream. When he reached the slaughter house to investigate, he found Clyde standing against the gate.

"Man you fucking scared me!" Clyde was paralyzed with fear. Before he could ask his friend what was wrong, they both heard the slaughter house door closing behind them.


Back at the house, Jerry heard a second scream. Clyde and Arty were no where to be found.

"Darren, go check it out! Brandon, put everything in the car!"

Jerry still had Jim Bob's rifle and checked to see if it was loaded. Darren looked at Jerry.

"No way man! You've got the gun, why don't you check it out!"

"You're such a pussy."

Darren and Jerry went to the through the stables and then made their way to the slaughter house. Jerry lifted the gun. Darren held up an ax he found at the porch of the house. In the shadows of the moonlight, they made out a figure standing at the other door to the slaughter house, leaning on the side.


Darren went toward the figure. Judging from the hairstyle, he knew it was Arty.

"What the fuck man! You nearly gave us a heart attack!" He playfully pushed Arty's shoulder. Arty's head slowly slid off his shoulders.

Horrified, Darren turned to Jerry who was looking upward with a matching horrified expression. When he looked up, he made a out another figure nailed to a wall- it was Clyde's body. His stomach was cut open to being disembowled with Arty's face nailed onto his. Jerry and Darren started running toward the door they came through. Before they could exit they heard another scream.

Jerry came out first surveying the property. As they made their way toward the car, they didn't find Brandon anywhere.

"Where did he go?" Darren looked around.

"Maybe back to the house."

They both turned and found Brandon. He was nailed to the wall of the barn house. In place of his head, was now a pig head- the pig head that was once Elsa before Brandon cut it off. When they neared the barn house, the pig pen was now loud with squeals from the surviving pigs. When the guys looked inside, Brandons decapitated head was thrown inside.

Darren stared in horror. Another sound behind them made both guys jump. Towering over them was the body of Jim Bob with the piggy face still nailed onto him.

"Hey Jimbo- please man it was all supposed to be a joke." Jerry said this through tears almost.

Jim Bob tilted his head to the side and gave a snort as though he chuckled at what Jerry just said. In Jim Bob's hand was a slaughter knife. Darren ran off. Within seconds, Jim Bob disembowled Jerry.

Darren ran as fast as he could. To his disbelief, all of the animals made noises as though they were laughing. He thought that he finally going crazy. Finally after an hour of hiding, he made his way to the barn house again to get try and find the car keys from one of the guys. Despite what he thought he heard earlier, an eerie silence surrounded the entire farm. The guys were no longer in the places they were when they were found. Darren grabbed a hammer and made out a dark trail that led to the meat room where they put the cows, pigs and other animals who were slaughtered, to bleed out.

Darren decided that if Jim Bob was in fact alive, he would come after Darren until he was killed. Rather than put his family or girlfriend at risk, he walked back to Jim Bob's house. He decided he was going to kill him.

As he entered the house, he found Jim Bob in the kitchen by the counter. Jim Bob was staring outside the kitchen window. Darren shuddered at the thought that he was being watched the entire time. Jim Bob turned and to Darren's horror, Jim Bob's entire head appeared to actually be that of a pig. The ears moved and the eyes blinked. As Jim Bob came closer, Darren was unable to move. Darren couldn't breath. He reached inside his pockets and couldn't find his inhaler. As he slouched down from fear and being unable to breath Jim Bob took Darren's face in his hands. He twisted Darren's head clean off of his shoulders.


Early the next morning, the town received their shipments of food. It was disributed through the town's supermarket. Eventually, the cheerleader girls went to the police about their boyfriends missing and told them all that had happened. Police spoke to neighbors around Jim Bob's house, who had heard screams in the distance a week earlier. Against any belief that Jim Bob had anything to do with the disappearences, the police searched Jim Bob's property. All they found was Jerry's truck parked by barn house. The animals seemed to be well fed and taken care of.

As the Sheriff made his way to Jim Bob's house, it smelled of coffee and bacon. Jim Bob was nowhere in sight.

A young deputy ran toward the Sheriff. "There's nothing in the barn house or pen's. I can't find Jim Bob anywhere either. "

"Well... Deputy Johnson, I guess it's safe to say that we have a mad psycho on the loose or the boys are here working on the farm. Keep your eyes peeled for Jim Bob."

A sudden scream came from the slaughter house. Deputy Wilson and the Sheriff ran out to see what happened. It was another officer howling with excitement.

"Now, I just knew Jim Bob epened his slaughter house again. That meat my wife and I had for our barbeque couldn't have been from Greenville!"

Pigs and cows hung around the slaughter house and some in the other parts of the meat house to bleed out. On the other side, there was a pile of feathers from the chickens. The officers began laughing at the foolishness of their beliefs that Jim Bob could have murdered the boys. Before their minds could be completely put to rest, the Sheriff stood staring at five peculiar corpses hanging upside down. All would have been passed off as an animal skinned and bled for food, except, these corpses were near decomposing and in the corner, not far from where they hung, was a pile of clothing and jackets with the school's logo.

The officers were all on high alert now. They searched the premises again for Jim Bob. They made their way into his house again this time heading straight up to his room. There in bed, someone laid under the covers. The deputy slowly walked and stopped at the foot of the bed.

"Now Jim Bob, we all know you're a good guy. Why don't we just go down to the station for some questioning?"

There was no response from Jim Bob.

"Jim Bob, please don't make this hard on us."

The sheriff withdrew his gun while the deputies got near the bed. Deputy Johnson suddenly pulled back the cover. All of the men in the room exclaimed in horror. Everything looked like Jim Bob. The body had on the same flannel shirt with the same boots and overalls and long gray hair. He was lying on his back, with a picture of his wife Martha in his hand, over his chest. All would show that it was him except the pig head that was now in place of Jim Bob's own head. The deputy investiagted for any cuts or tearing, but it was as if the pig head was really Jim Bob's. The other deputy did the Holy Cross over his heart as he stared at the wall above Jim Bob's bed. Through the flower wall paper, words bled through. Dripping down the wall, bloody letters clearly appeared as... "Piggy Face".

When the sheriff looked down, the pig head on Jim Bob's body was different now. The eyes were open, and looked black without a soul along with a smile extended from ear to ear... 


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