Bit 9 Season 6, Episode 5 - Summary

- The buildup that occurred was on Littlefinger's return and reunion with Sansa Stark who wanted to know if Lord Baelish knew what Ramsay would do to her. Sansa also said that she doesn't need his help, Jon and her can take on Ramsay on their own. But Littlefinger mentions something else that her uncle, Brynden Blackfish, still has an army that could answer the call if she needed it.

- In Braavos, Arya is now going by "no one", but the waif isn't ready to accept her. The Faceless Man agrees with the waif and gives Arya a history lesson then gives her her first mission that she cannot fail or she will give her face to the hall of faces. For her mission, she must witness a comical play about the end of King Robert's reign in Westeros. Arya's new identity is at risk when in the play, her father Ned Stark is portrayed as a buffoon. It is hard for her to watch. It gets worse when the audience laughs along. She goes backstage after the play to study her target, an actress, who drinks rum after every show. She decides that there is where the poison go.

- In Westeros, Bran is having a vision with the three-eyed raven where he witnesses a bizarre gathering of the children of the forest sacrifice a man with what looks like a dagger made out of dragonglass. The man's eyes start to turning ice blue, and that's when Bran wakes. He makes the revelation that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers in order to fight back against the men who were seizing their lands.

- Back at the Iron Islands, the Kingsmoot is underway. Yara makes her case to be king but some are skeptical about following a woman when her male brother is still alive. Out of nowhere, Euron Greyjoy, the brother of Balon appears to claim the throne for himself. Yara quickly accuses him of killing her father and Euron admits to it. He claims that he was an ineffective leader. Euron proceeded to tell his plan to building a large fleet, sail to Daenerys Targaryen in Slavers Bay then seduce her with his ships. The Kingsmoot crowns him as king and at the same time Yara and Theon escape with the best ships. Euron promises to kill them and orders the build of a thousand ships.  

- In Essos, Dany goes to thank Jorah but he shies away then shows her the greyscale disease taking over his arm. She commands him to find a cure then return back to her.

-Back in Meereen, Tyrion, Varys, Grey Worm and Missandei are discussing the deal that was made with the slavers. They meet with High Red Priestess from Volantis who sees Dany as the chosen one.

- Our attention is brought back to Bran who decided to go on a journey to the past by himself. At this time, winter has come and the great army of the dead are near him. He walks towards them and runs into the Night King. In most of his visions he goes unseen, but they notice him and the Night King grabs his arm. The King has now made his mark and is coming for him, Bran is of course not ready but he has to become the new Three Eyed Raven anyways.

- Jon Snow and Davos are planning their battles, against both the White Walkers and Bolton's army. Sansa, however, uses her knowledge that littlefinger gave her that Brynden Blackfish still has an army that they can win over. Brienne is suggested as the one to deliver the message because if they use a Raven, Ramsey can intercept it.

- Meera and Hodor start their prep to leave but it is too late. The White Walkers have arrived. The Children of the Forest step up to fight while Meera and Hodor try to wake Bran up from another vision. The army eventually make their way far into the cave so Meera and Bran's direwolf, Summer, must fight. The Night King also reaches the Three Eyed Raven and kills him. One of the Children stayed behind to kill as many members of the army that she could using a bomb, which gives Meera, Hodor and Bran enough time to make it outside. While Bran is controlling Hodor, the younger version of Hodor, Wyllis takes notice of Bran and starts freaking out "Hold the door!". He says it over and over and it eventually turns into "Hodor". The older Hodor keeps closed the door keeping the white walkers at bay but is soon torn apart.

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