Bit 6 Season 6, Episode 3 - Review/Opinion

This episode was a bit on the slower side with nothing major happening. My guess is it is a "filler" episode, which is an episode that does not have many plot changing events but it pushes the story along, that happens quite frequently in Hollywood.

I liked in the beginning when they were talking to Jon and the red woman asked him what it is that he saw on the other side and Jon said 'nothing'. I had a feeling they wouldn't toy around with religion so saying there was all black seemed pretty easy.

-When Bran was having the flashback I wish so much that they gave us a little more. The three eyed raven seemed to be taking his time with Bran when it came to each moment together, which makes sense but as a viewer, they could have given us a stronger cliff to hang on to. But, the big page turner was when Ned Stark heard Bran yelling! I didn't at first realize the significance it would have in the ending. nice job GOT.

-When Varys finally found that woman I was so happy. She deserved the fear that Varys put in her. For a guy with no balls, he definitely has some lol.

-For Arya, I kinda like the Rocky-esque montage they did with her learning how to fight. You really see her character evolve. I was a bit terrified when she had to drink the fountain water because I genuinely thought it was going to kill her. 

-And lastly the ending which should go in history as one of the most awkward. I'm not sure if i'll be a bitch for saying it but i'm happy the traitors got their punishment. Jon was just doing what he thought would protect them. That is what a Lord Commander is supposed to do. However, the amount of emphasis they put on the hanging bodies was awkward, very awkward. Especially when they zoomed in close to Olly. Poor kid, he should have known better. I really sympathize with Jon for wanting to leave the Night's Watch after that. 

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