Bit 16 Season 6, Episode 8 - Review/Opinion

At the beginning of the episode, I love the updated speech from Lady Crane. I know it is really irrelevant to the story, but hey, it was good. For Arya, I think she had good thinking going to hide out in the area backstage. At least there was someone left she could trust. I was a bit nervous though that the waif could have been pretending to be Lady Crane. (It would have been K.O. for Arya). Also, am I the only one that is curious as to how Arya has these apparent amazing healing powers to withstand multiple deadly stab wounds? I doubt Lady Crane is good enough (not a doctor by the way) to efficiently "fix up" Arya and stop her from even getting some sort of infection. But hey, maybe we'll learn more in the next episode.

Can I get an I told you so?! I knew Tyrion's plan would go sideways. Of course the slavers weren't going to go out with a fight. I didn't think they would attack though. At that point, when Daenerys returns she will have a lot of cleaning up to do, or she and her army may just have to leave.

When Brienne and Jaime were talking in the tent, am I the only one that saw a little chemistry between the two. The tension was real and I really admire how much Jaime sticks to his word. He never double crossed or stabbed Brienne in the back to achieve his own agenda. However, when he was talking with Edmure, I was a little terrified lol. Threatening to brutally kill another man's son like that, a baby nonetheless?! Wow, he really does love Cersei. Also when Edmure reached the castle, I really thought he was going to betray his deal with Jaime. He was after all safely inside for at least 2 years with all the provisions the Blackfish made. 

The scene between The Mountain and the Sparrows though, has to be one of my favorite in all of Game of Thrones' seasons. When I even saw the trailer, I was so excited to see that part. When she said "I choose violence", I cheered haha. The Mountain by the way... I don't care who orders me to do something, I wouldn't fight that thing. You're just asking to die painfully.

In Meereen, Dany finally returns which I knew would happen as soon as we started seeing warfare in the city. I was a little annoyed though that they only showed her for less than a minute. I would have rather them save that scene for the next episode and let it continue because the feel of it was like Dany came in like, "hey guys, what did I miss?", rather than "what the fuck did you do?!".

Last but not least, poor Lady Crane. But kudos for Arya for defeating the Waif. My only disappointment was that they did not show the fight. Yes, it was dark but at least a little something would have been nice. Night vision is a thing...

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