Bit 10 Season 6, Episode 5 - Review/Opinion

The start off the episode, I am getting more and more impressed by Sansa. I had a feeling she would confront Littlefinger but not to the extent that she did. Her adding in a little bit of detail of what Ramsey did to her would make anyone feel guilty.

For Arya, I was nervous when she was given her first "mission". She just managed to get by not being poisoned by the well water and now she is given a task that would not be in the slightest bit easy. And of course, it turns out that the play refers to her family and an even more sensitive subject, her father. I'm sure the faceless man did that on purpose to truly test her loyalty and maybe it was a wise decision on his part.

When I first saw the Children of the Forest, I knew they must have had some connection to the White Walkers. They were very similar in look but it was finally time to learn more about the origin of the Walkers. The one thing I didn't understand is that if they made the White Walkers, wouldn't they know how to defeat them? How don't you know how to control your own creation?

At the Iron Islands, I thought it was hysterical that Euron Greyjoy thinks that he can "seduce" Dany. Dany is a very smart woman and she's not the easies to tame. His plan sounds nice out loud but actually making it a reality, that will be pretty fun to see.

When it comes to Bran, I am so upset that he was stupid enough to go inside a vision alone. He knows deep down that he isn't ready to be the Three Eyed Raven so him going into the past was just for selfish reasons: to see his father, etc. And of course he ended up having to pay for his selfishness by causing the death of not only the three eyed raven but also, children of the forest, and Hodor. Hodor being the absolute worst to deal with. He entire life was destined to come to this point. 

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