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All of these storybooks read to young children from the moment their little young legs can waddle on the ground are genuinely based around one main theme. The theme of romance.

Before we can even gurgle more than "Dadda" under our warm covers, our hair still damp and cold from a shower, we are reading all of these stories with so many educational and social meanings and so many inspirational characters and events...but there's always romance, and that romance is always boy, girl. Girl, majestically innocent and crying for help in their pretty pink dress for a brave and handsome warrior to take her away. And the last page ends with a kiss. How exciting.

I truly understand the purpose of educating children from an early age on what romantic relationships are in order for them to understand our cultural relationships within society and what social behaviour is acceptable depending on who it is you're socialising with. However, we do not need to have these "romantic dreams" shoved down our throats and that this type of love is for a female and a male. If that child feels those feelings towards another of the same sex rather than the opposite, they will believe it to be wrong and unnatural as they've been taught that in their society, boys and girls kiss and fall in love. We should be educated the fact that one can have romantic feelings towards any sex at an age where they're old enough to understand but not so old that they've already believed the idea that homosexuality, bisexuality or pan sexuality isn't in the fairy tales..

In my honest opinion, the subject of romance should perhaps be introduced, but not so heavily displayed in the programme they watch from 7:30 to 8am or in the design on their school bag or their teddy bears. There is more to life than romance. Cut it out. Just cut it out because it's bullshit. Talk about friendship and the joys it will give you. Talk about family and what a privilege it is to share such a close bond with another. Talk about aspirations and how you can fly to the moon or become a professional acrobat whether you're a boy or a girl. Talk about music. We don't need to promote this romance so much. It sends messages to others that is the core of how we all see society as divided into certain roles meant for certain things, plus the fact that two lips touching in a weird manner isn't the most inspirational and exciting end to a story. This is how I saw it anyway. I didn't get it. I was more eager for my dad to read me The Hobbit as a bedtime story rather than old folktales of terribly repetitive romance things.

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