In many ways, the internet is very social in terms of commentary and this social media. But it's a different kind of social. Messaging another is not the same as hearing their voice, for voice reveals hidden meanings and true feelings. It is a lot more honest, open. Moreover, communicating with messages written by a technological device is not as it would be with a letter. A letter traditionally involves that person's hand writing. It shows that they've taken the time and have taken care into communicating a message onto paper and at least that way, socialising will show commitment and true friendship rather than nonchalantly, unconsciously responding in shortened, almost botherless sentences or words in between messaging fuck knows who else. Multitasking, see. The process of this is actually sped up by the relatively new automated texting which appears within the majority of modern-day devices. Being so easy to receive, reply and send various messages to various people isolates us from socialising one-to-one. Even if you hear that person's voice in a phone call or see their face on Skype, perhaps glitching slightly because we apparently haven't quite mastered impeccable picture and signal of that, it's not the same experience as seeing them in the flesh. Seeing that person and taking the actual time to leave your cocoon which is your house takes a bit more effort than that nonchalant, unconscious, botherless words.

Even surrounded by people, we seem to be constantly immersed into a trance; staring at complex pixelated screens when in close company with those who we perhaps have not seen in a painfully long time; just a rare moment where a large group of familiar people join together to socialise. And yet I sit and see each person staring into a haze at their electrical device for so long that when they slowly pick up their cup of tea from the coffee table next to them, still not peeling their red, frazzled eyes from the pixels, and the once hot liquid touches their lips in disappointing coldness, their eyes finally blink hard a few times to relieve the burn before trying to process where everyone in the room had gone. I will admit-this has happened to me more than I would have liked, but I feel slightly better that I'm usually the one scanning every one of my eight-or-more members of family silent in their own social screens. This is usually when I laugh to myself and bring out a notepad and pen and wait for a head to rise. Or I realise that I am doing it myself, and the fire in my eyes sinks beyond my toasted brain as the others around me make contradicting comments on my engrossment with my phone.

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