I have forwarded a message to the Skrawl community sharing an idea I have with them. I had the idea for there to be an audio option where one can narrate a story or script that they have written, using voices and tones to give it another sense.

My own personal use of this feature would be to put audios in place of my opinions and ideas related to this page. I think it'll allow me to share my opinions clearly for others to understand and can make the listener feel like they're there. Narrating stories in an audio, especially short and suspense tales, forms an atmosphere and makes the listener feel, hear, see, taste, touch and imagine more effectively by hearing rather than writing. Not seeing the speaker especially, and even putting an animation in its place, can make a story or opinion emotionally powerful (I will further discuss animation later).

I think that audio videos can also engage people more into what you're saying rather than them reading it because there are so many ways to twist it: you're voice, the sound effects you make in the background or with your mouth, singing or playing music. Music is a brilliant way, in my opinion, to trigger the senses and emotions in us. The melodic/tuneful sounds it plays can really drive our feelings towards characters or the scenery or the topic that you may be passionately for or against. Different instruments create different moods and spirits and some notes make us feel sad, some make us feel happy, some make us feel angry, some make us feel excitement. In addition, voices show expression and emotion which is communicating beyond letters and words. Singing sometimes expresses personal connections to what you're telling your listeners and can make the listeners themselves have a deep connection to what your communicating. It can in addition make us recognise personal events to strengthen our connection with the piece and can also make our awareness alive on the writing or can make us perceive it differently. I just believe that sound electrifies the life that is on paper because it lifts and twists the ink out from the sheet and forms it into voices and sound effects and character and wonder. The listener becoming aware of the sensations. Allowing ourselves to imagine experiencing them is what draws us closer to such words.

Continuing from what I mentioned in the second paragraph of this piece of writing, animation, although a separate thing from audio altogether, is a thing I believe necessary to highlight on this page; I think it creating this visual representation and artistic interpretation of the writing gives another soul and meaning to whatever words it's based upon. The choice of colour and object and scenery and lightening all contribute to atmosphere, and it shines another light on the writing that you may never have considered before. The act of seeing a referenced and metaphoric visual presentation of whatever you were reading, I find, is a way to make people feel and connect even more than they were before with the writing because it brings it to life; to actual life.

I will write a deeper piece of writing on animation and how senses make us feel about certain descriptive oeuvres in another page of this notepad.

I respect if this idea is not possible to take place, but my main intention was to perhaps share or inspire others with my suggestions. Thank you.

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