I see the year sevens sitting in their spots with their friends and snuggled into their conversations. I imagine it must all seem so big to them; that they all have their own little areas to sit in and go back to time and time again; a little rock wall with dangling forest bushes; a dip in a small hill, the end of it a brick wall. It's just a school and you'll grow up and away from it, leaving little or many life long memories from your time there. Or, the memories are so bleak or hurtful that they fade away. And you get to meet new people and do different things and go to different places where you will adventurise more memories and where things won't seem so bleak and hurtful. You will not be anywhere forever. You will not be with everyone you meet for the rest of your life. And You will not be with anyone forever. But you still have more time, and that will guarantee more happiness than you ever believed possible.

Bit 3 Bit 5

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