Sitting in a thing we call a "chair", made of solids to stand and soft material for comfort and rest, I observe the many, maybe over one hundred, people who are in the same manner: all seated in their own private or personal packs and talking and laughing and interacting with their familiars. And I also aware myself of the large group of beings sat and together in peace and harmony, even if they don't personally know each other. They're all there for the same thing: for entertainment: to laugh and smile and to feel happy, sharing the joys of music. Even strangers come together in peace to dance and sing along. The pure fact that although we're from different backgrounds and areas and families, we all unite together in peace and respect and acceptance to share the same love and want of music: the combination of sounds in pitch, the rhythm, the dynamics, the length, the effects and speed...all these leaves create a tree and it feeds us a form of entertainment to satisfy our need and want of focus and action. It occupies us from the purity of nature and rescues us from insanity because our minds are so complex, we desperately need something to keep our brain active and so keep our feelings and emotions intact. Boredom and loneliness is widely known to be the most painful death of man; it takes away our human nature. I personally find our social ability and tameness for peace and equality extraordinary, and watching groups of strangers together, moving to the musical notes and sounds, I myself sink into the melody and fly as it brings me joy and a blissful wash of personal difficulties and pain. Music brings us freedom from our problems and fears and gives us happiness and reunites beings, and it is so purely special and rare and beautiful, and that's what I believe makes us distinct from other life-forms. But one more thing which, blended together, brings even enemies together: laughter. And, in my concrete opinion, I truly believe that music and laughter unifies the human race more than anything possibly existing in the world could ever do. It's like magic.

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