Bit 23 Humourised, dehumanise Existentialists

I thought that perhaps, I might feel a little a greenhorn under a moon, awaiting wisdom to keep me safe and humourised from distorted retrogrades of lost friends and unknown families. I think I would choose to hide a little longer if I could dehumanise and blank my eyes that'll close and will see no colour and no laugh, but a confusion will hover and strain these unfamiliar lamp-lit eyes. In the rest of the skeletal reach in its blue outline, a halo-like shadow blooms from an unseen window, and it shudders with the moment of blossom bells that chime in quiet winds to a sole who feels too alone to bare the odysseys of life itself. Existentialists will cry with eyes closed, attempting to remember that intelligent epiphany - if it didn't have so many words.

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