We have no right to kill certain animals or insects just because we don't like the way it looks or moves; because that simple impression scares us even though we're not at threat. Maybe that was the start of discrimination. Take spiders for instance; I bet at least one of you reading this has killed one because of your fear of how it looks. I know I have. But now at least I try to avoid killing them; to put them back outside where they belong. We wouldn't kill a puppy; we would be appalled by the simple thought of it just because its appearance appeals to us. But that's just what our society has taught us to believe; because puppies are similar to us more than insects. But if we grew up in a society where we would be sickened at the thought of killing a spider but we would squash a puppy without batting an eyelid with your sister in the background screaming "kill it!". It's because our society has fed us to fear spiders, and we've seen our own kind or even those we're close to run and scream when seeing them. Therefore, the majority of our brains recognises them as something to be afraid of, and that of course triggers a reaction. It's the same with other creatures; whether an animal or insect, but ones to which pose no threat to us other than the fact that we don't appeal to how it has turned out in nature.

The main point of this piece of writing is that we really have no right to kill living things when it's completely unnecessary. Of course if we're at risk from a predator or if we kill animals for out own survival food-wise, then it will be understandable because that's the purest of nature. But that's the thing, spiders are no threat to us and modern society makes it unnecessary to kill animals on our own accord. And of course some are poisonous and can bite you for their own protection, but a simple garden or house spider won't exactly pounce on you with a machine gun. We don't precisely need to fight for survival in this modern era in most countries and if so, if there was no other resourceful animal or plant nearby for daily nutrition, it would be understandable if we had to resort to that. But either way, many animals or insects pose no threat to us, and just killing them for our own entertainment or because we don't like the look of them proves just how twisted our human nature has become.

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  • Crevasse Phantasmagoria
    Crevasse Phantasmagoria over 3 years ago

    Thank you! Yes, and humanity has come to degrade the rights and lives of other animals due to our own success; it completely explains the development of our society and how we disrespect certain creatures so much that we kill or harm them without any understandable reason. The ways to which we treat animals make me disgusted at times.

  • Skrawl Community Manager
    Skrawl Community Manager over 3 years ago

    You made some really good points! Many people often overlook the harm they do and the reasoning behind it. It's really sad.