Bit 19 Odissea Existentielle

....I think the only thing that really helped me wasn't the typical, vague and weak-lined life quotes and suggestions of solving, it was the odyssey of existentialism that gave me a bleak epiphany of meaninglessness and thus, I became suddenly colourful and animating and of my purpose of this existence I am now in these strange unpredictable interludes of ongoing time; that I'm just a greenhorn in that existence; I could be a prophet - animating of my purpose or what could be my purpose, and staggeringly engulfing matter into actual doings, fundamentally in that captured extract...It just reminded me of the absurdity of my own thinkings and mind by realising that the universe was even more absurd in its trillionths age or future and existence of such unfathomable voids of existentialism.

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