Bit 17 Pneumoencephalographically: A Philosophy of Sleep

Death is a word to which we label that idea or contemplation of not-existing, or of simply not being present or conscious or in physical animation. Our organs fail and our heart does not flicker, and it is a label. We glower on the spectacle of what event or aftermath comes from ceasing to be "awake", for we are not told by the dead. If we were, we would all be certain non the outcome. But the outcome varies, birthing from belief or experience, but that just makes us question whether each experience of a single human existent is not the same, and if we have all seen and heard things, perhaps in the same music, but with different, slightly changing harmonies. Perhaps we might not even speak of these clashes, for it is the plane of reality in which we know. But the plane of what is not experienced by the animating smokes of breath is somewhat frightening, for it is an unknown in such lack of sensical sightings that the core belief of the western world is of still; not sensing, self-aware but still having that distant blotch of being conscious; just like when we wake and cannot remember a dream so that experience of sleep was one of forgetting, even though we biologically dream every night, our brain forming these images, or perhaps sighting other images that we cannot process it when we awake. Does the mind create consciousness? Yet the philosophy of death is unambiguously a figment of reality. We are aware of its happenings to all who have been awake in our eyes; it is a mechanism of life. Thus, shouldn't "death" or simply, the apparent end of seeming alive in this world, be a speculation of prophecy, but all the same viewing it as everything; even if it is nothing, something must compensate to allow it to have the worth of a "nothing". What is "nothing"? Even if awareness ceases, there is always a sense of being. We may not have the knowledge to identify such things, and so it essentially could be anything; so it is everything; an aura; an illusion, and life is the present observance and awareness of earthly growth in which beforehand-life and furthermore can settle as a hue, but it is not alive. The rest is an aura; an illusion.

- inspired from a lecture by the respected English philosopher, Alan Watts (1915-1973)

"I have realised that the past and the future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is"

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