Bit 15 Encumbrance, hindrance

We are humans. If you really notice your brain, you can feel this silent, thin but powerful surges of intelligence and knowledge and a future. We, as far as we're aware, have brains unlike any other being who we know lives currently; we can ask questions, and we can help the universe understand itself and why it's star's explode so violently get cry bright.

Before all, we were distracted by hard labour in order to survive in this human economy, and the one's who were well-off were socially expected and encouraged to become lawyers or doctors or scientists; all highly respected and well-paid statuses in society. This being busy drifted our minds from understanding and opening up with such understanding; yet at the same time, that's exactly what it allowed us. We could wonder and ask and ponder, even the poor who weren't even given knowledge or education in order to understanding the asnwers; so they formed their own and created extraordinary revelations or theories; geniuses. Theories of art and music and light and dark.

And then now, this technology seems to have compelled us away from such thoughts. We seemed to have lost our identity or our character or our unique equities into the indoctrinating pop culture and mainstream informal persona to banish such mind capability that we have; even those with such am incredible opportunity to live freely in society, we let technology spell into our time and sludge our mind towards a "casual" level. And the important thing is that we struggle to use such in moderation or to use such to our own wants. Perhaps technology was formed as a "distraction" from the government; to zombiefy our brains and twist our self esteem or belief of our intelligence or ability.

We are all geniuses, but we're letting ourselves be distracted.

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