Bit 14 Bit 14; psychophysicotherapeutics

"I just want to say that in my tired experiences, not discussing the enigma deteriorates the pain in itself, growing the sense of isolation. Guys, I understand if I cannot talk about it to you, but it has reached a position beyond what you may believe where I decide one thing or the other. I've decided this thing, and so I have to do something significant to switch that mindset to its stable state that it was merely a week before, like a greenhorn devoir. I have to discuss it with someone. It's killing me. It's turning me into my own pencil's animation, yet the folds and water blotched suns along it stain without a trace of monochrome.

I'll be away for a period of time where I will travel alone to seek solace and support elsewhere. Perhaps I'll find a monk? Perhaps Just simply expressing feelings to strangers. Maybe I'll just do something like bunking off school to find a one. I must do something at least, if I cannot sing at all."

Bit 13 Bit 15

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