This age now has been utterly dominated by the rapid advance of efficient technology, the tempting addictiveness that that boils; a drive, or just simply a routine; a norm, as if scrolling through a phone screen for hours was part of our lives; yet it almost drains us; we barely think and often lose ourselves on the whole with this technology; you could say it makes us lazy. Time thins cruelly rapidly across screaming screens.

Yet, there are moments of humane completeness of devastating empathy and beautiful considerations. 

Yet still we do not leave these screens, and time and our world flies like a laughing scurry of pickled grey feathers.

Look up.

I've heard this concept before in a short film; and it has become the name of this era.We could appreciate emotion more, laughter more, nature more rather than having our sights and the wind crystalise into pixels, and time has passed too far for us to pull away just in time to watch the rain fall.

Look up.

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