Here's a message; a message from another to you. I respect how you may blame yourselves, but I am telling you it is no fault of your own. I was too far seeped in pain too blurred and lonely for others to understand.

They could help how they thought they could help, but I was too consumed in pain.

I will not even try to poetically or metaphorically express this, in this particular piece of writing anyway. 

It'll be clearer in my music and in my art, but here is just telling you that I drifted from myself. I didn't help myself quick enough, and now I won't listen to anything and anyone; any help or any support that I seek desperately and hopelessly through these articles...using my last breaths to try to search through the repetitive words of fighting...but I'm not listening anymore. Others simply cannot understand. I can only help myself, but I can't even do that anymore. If I can't do that, no one else has the humane power to turn me around or to get me back now.

All apologies.

Bit 10 Bit 12

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