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I sort of wish that I had just been born in the early 80s, or the early 70s maybe or whatever. Just so I could have the privilege of living in an age where music and everything wasn't so reliant and distorted on technology. Now in this era, music doesn't have the rawness, the emotion, the actuality and liveliness and passion because its so distorted and manipulated and edited with all these effects that weren't even part of the process of the music being played. You know, when it's played together and live forehand, it sounds that way; it forms this compelling bond of intensity and this rare, special enchantment between the dances of notes, melding together to create this sound and powered by the energy, sentiment and soul that the artists hold. Yet all these special effects and technical editing just takes the meaning out of that animation and is only a completion of computorised sounds, almost censoring the craftsmanship of the artists, fading their spirit into a blur; irrelevant behind the beat. Yeah, that's what music feels like now. It doesn't feel like passion or emotion, it seems to feel like a beat to dance to; a beat to move to. That is not all what music is. It is a creative expression of one's feelings and emotions. That is the dictionary definition of the word.

I just wish I was alive and experiencing the rare joys and experiences you would get with music. For example, back then you had to get into your car and drive to the fucking record shop. Now you can just download a couple of albums within seconds or a few minutes, and it doesn't cost a thing. You know, it's just not so memorable or special anymore. I'm not completely objectifying headphones and downloaded music, as I feel it's a great way to escape secretly and privately to the world of music without all the faffing of setting up these record players and shit. Yet, I find the sound and soul of the music has just been taken and molded boringly into these electric tubes where you place the songs on repeat until you drain the life out of them. But I find playing it on a record player or even on a radio or something, it sounds totally different; a lot more fresh. And I can listen to it on repeat that way and just not get tired of it. 

It would be great. It would be real fun; just saving up for those special edition records rather than mutely and drowsily scrolling on this electronic device where the music is portrayed and stored in these featureless pixels and scrolling through all these albums and their editions. It has just lost its value, and I just find it great that there's still a younger generation who rebel against the mainstream still and against the sad restrictions in experiences and momentum that the advance in technology has caused and how we've allowed it to take control of these things. We go out and get in our car and drive to the fucking record shop to pick up some vintage fucking records or cassette players; like taking in the life of it all and of the excitement and thrill it gives us to go back and listen to it and treasure the cases and designs, savouring the quality and rawness that it gives us, away from headphones; just away in our own musical embodiment of individual enjoyment and sole appreciation of the entire experience of taking in another's work of art.

It really would be great.


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