Bit 34 Chapter 34: 1961

Eventually, Paul had a change of mind and heart when he allowed Allie to go to the Homecoming dance. She was so happy that she gave him a kiss. She couldn't wait to go to the dance with Quincy and they could share a nice dance together in front of everyone. She hoped that she was crowned princess. It would be a dream come true if she became Homecoming princess and ruled over the whole school, which would give her a chance to re-invent herself among her friends and peers. She never really had that chance while at middle school---when she nearly humiliated Quincy in class, and she experienced a traumatic moment at the mall with that man, and the other kids made fun of her for being silent and afraid---but now, here she was in high school, and she was determined to make things right again for herself.

For one thing, Allie joined the glee club. The glee club was a large group of about twenty to thirty students, most of whom were upperclassmen---juniors and seniors, and Allie was in the minority of the freshmen who were members, but there were a few sophomores as well. Allie was fortunate enough to befriend a female member of the glee club, whom Allie met up with that day at lunchtime. The girl came up to Allie and Betty Jane, shook hands with Allie, and said, "I see you're the new girl, huh?"

"I think so," said Allie. "Come have a seat with us."

"Have we met before?" Betty Jane asked the girl.

"No, we haven't," said the girl. "We're both in the glee club together. My name is Laura."

"Hi, I'm Allie, and this is my friend Betty Jane," Allie said as they both shook hands with Laura.

"Nice to meet you," said Betty Jane.

"Nice to meet you too," said Laura. "Are you two freshmen?"

"Yeah, we are," replied Betty Jane.

"Well, so am I." Laura smiled. "I guess we three should stick together, just like the upperclassmen stick together, huh?"

Allie chuckled. "Yeah, you're right. We should stick together like glue."

"Are you excited for Homecoming? I know I am." Laura grinned.

"I am beyond excited. I am thrilled!" said Allie. "And I just know that I'll win Homecoming princess."

"You've got a lot of guts to think that," Betty Jane as she high-fived her.

"Of course you'll win Homecoming princess, Allie," said Laura. "You seem like an interesting addition to the glee club. When one person drops out, at least we know that we can count on you."

"Well, I was in my church choir, not to brag," Allie said, bragging a little.

"Whether you win Homecoming princess or not, you'll still have a lot of fun," said Betty Jane.

"You're right," said Allie. "It doesn't matter if I didn't win..........although it kinda would mean the world to me if I did."

And somewhere from afar, a mysterious girl was glaring in Allie's direction, giving her a glance of pure evil and hate, looking as though she were a predator who was out on the strike of her prey, which in this case would be none other than Allie---this which Allie did not notice, unbeknownst to her that trouble was heading her way.........

Pretty soon, it was the night of Homecoming, and everyone was excited to come watch the game, dance, eat food, and most importantly, await the announcement of King and Queen. Allie showed up looking ravishing as usual, and before she left for the limo, her mother gave her a goodbye kiss and said, "Good luck out there tonight, and enjoy yourself."

"I will," said Allie. She waved good-bye to Paul and said, "Bye, Daddy."

"Have fun, cupcake," said Paul as he lit a cigarette and took a puff. Alexandra, repelled by the smell of cigarettes, got a spray to rid the living room smell of cigarette pipes. Paul gave her an incredulous look and said, "Really, Alex?"

"Never in the presence of our daughter, Paul," Alexandra said.

"What? She's almost fifteen years old; she can take it. Other boys her age are starting to do the same thing, and girls find that attractive for whatever reason."

"Well, we don't wanna give Allie the wrong idea that it's acceptable for her to do something like that. That's my point here, Paul."

"You're right," he said.

Allie was now in the limo with Betty Jane, Laura, and other girls with their dates. They were all chattering loudly among themselves while Allie, Betty Jane and Laura tried their best to remain silent. Laura said, "So, neither of us came with dates, huh?"

"Nope," replied Allie and Betty Jane.

"Actually, I just came to support Quincy in the game," Allie said, "and once we get on that dance floor, he and I are gonna have a very special moment together." She sighed whimsically as she thought about her first high school dance ever.

"Aww," said Betty Jane and Laura at the same time.

The homecoming turned out to be a superb event. The Fort Chester High School's football team, Swans, played an intensely competitive game against a rival school's football team, Ravens. Quincy was an avid player and teammate who'd scored most of the touchdowns. The Fort Chester cheerleading team cheered for the Swans, and the Swans beat the Ravens, 60-58. After the game was over, Allie found her chance to go up to Quincy and congratulate him for his accomplishment.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he blushed and said, "Geez, what was that for?"

"That was my way of saying congratulations," she said with a grin.

"Thanks, Allie," he said softly. "I really appreciate it."

"I didn't even know you were into sports. You never mentioned a single word of it in four years."

"Well, I did used to play soccer when I was seven," said Quincy. "My father was the one who'd pushed me into it. I played on the little league team until I was nine, and then when I started at Fort Chester Middle School, I decided to take some bit of break from sports for a while."

"Clever thinking," she said with a giggle, and they both laughed. Then there was a brief moment of silence between them. Allie and Quincy really liked each other, and Allie just wished that Quincy would work up the courage to ask her to go steady with him just like he'd promised he would ask her when they reached high school. Quincy did his part in taking the first initiative.

He cleared his throat and said, "So, Allie..........there's something I've been meaning to ask you for quite a long time now."

Allie, having the feeling that she knew what it was, said, "Yes, Quincy?" She had a hopeful smile on her face.

And just as Quincy was about to say something else, they were interrupted by the female member of the Dance committee of the school, who was about to announce Homecoming Prince/Princess. She was obviously a senior. She cleared her throat and spoke into the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen of Fort Chester, please bring your attention to me, as we are about to announce royalty of the Homecoming court. Now this year, it's a little different because this time, we are doing Prince & Princess instead of King & Queen like we did last year. To all the new underclassmen and newcomers, we switch it up every single year. Last year, we did King & Queen, now this year, we're doing Prince & Princess, and so on and so forth."

Everyone muttered among themselves, and Allie was actually relieved. This could be her own chance after all!

The girl continued speaking, "And we seem like we have a unanimous number of votes on who should be our Homecoming Princess. That's actually quite a surprise." She chuckled a little bit to herself. "But anyway, announcing our Prince---sophomore Zachary Murdoff!"

Everyone cheered and applauded when a 6-foot-something guy with blond hair, blue eyes that bore a striking resemblance to Quincy went up and accepted his crown. The girl gave Zachary his crown, gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek, and said, "Congratulations, Zack. And announcing your Princess---none other than freshman Alessandra Sampson herself!"

Allie was so astonished, she couldn't even move or say anything. Everyone was cheering and applauding for her. Betty Jane was awestruck, screaming with joy as she ran over to give Allie a quick hug, practically squeezing her. Laura also joined in on the group hug. "Congrats, Allie!" they both exclaimed. "You did it!"

"Thanks, guys," Allie said, trying to free herself from their embrace. "Um, I kinda need to breathe now, you know."

"Whoops, sorry," Laura said, as she and Betty Jane giggled.

"Congratulations, Allie," Betty Jane said. Allie gave her friends a wink as she went up to accept her crown. Everyone in the entire room seemed happy for her---well, everyone except Quincy, that is. He was shocked that she was announced Princess and would share a night's dance with another guy she barely even knew. But he wasn't the only one who wasn't happy for Allie's crowning. The mysterious girl was standing right there, her arms folded, staring Allie down in the worst way possible.........

"Congratulations, Allie," said the girl as she gave Allie her crown. She then spoke into the microphone and said to everyone, "And now, our Prince and Princess will share their magical night's dance together, you know, for just one minute and then we can go back to doing our own things with one another. Whether you came here with dates or whatnot........let's give it up for Zack and Allie!"

Everyone applauded yet again as Allie and Zack began sharing a slow dance with each other to slow-playing music. Allie felt a tad uncomfortable and awkward dancing with this mysterious guy in front of the whole class, but it was her special night after all. Zack said to her, "So, are you the new girl here?"

"I'm a freshman," Allie replied. "Just starting out for the first time."

"Yeah, last year, they did King & Queen, so every year they switch it up a bit," Zack said, explaining to her. "I was there. My best buddy won King. Congrats, Gerald," he added, more to himself.

Allie chuckled and said, "You must really miss him now, huh?"

"Of course. He's now in his first year at Towson."

"That's very nice. Do you guys communicate often?"

"Yeah, we manage to, on most weekends and holidays, and whenever he has off and stuff like that."

"That's great."

After a few minutes of dancing with Zack, Allie truly felt like the top of the world tonight. She came here with Quincy, had a great time with her friends, managed to win Homecoming Princess by chance, and shared a really nice dance with a very great guy. What could be more magical than that? Unfortunately, things weren't looking so magical for the rest of the night. Quincy was upfront jealous. He kept giving her the silent treatment for the rest of the night.

She came up to him and said with a smile, "So, what was it that you wanted to ask me before I was announced Princess?"

"Never mind; just forget all about it, alright?" he snapped, and he stormed on off. She glanced at him with shock and confusion, not really knowing what his problem was.

In the limousine ride back home, Allie and Quincy were having their first disagreement as high-schoolers. Quincy said to her angrily, "I can't believe you agreed to dance with that show-off you don't even know anything about!"

"Quincy, it was nothing special! Wait a minute. Is that why you walked out on me when I asked you what you wanted to ask me?"

"Congratulations, you're a master of stating the obvious," Quincy said cynically.

"Quincy, I'm really sorry if you didn't win the title of Prince. But it's just one night, and we managed to have a great time. I came here with you; that's the best part about my night. I don't want you to be jealous."

"What were you and Zack talking about out there?" He was nosy, of course, not curious.

"Excuse me?" Allie asked.

"What were you and Zack talking about out there?"

"Why do you wanna know?"

"'Cause I asked the goddamned question, Allie, that's why."

"You know, I'm really not too fond of your attitude tonight, Quincy MacKenzie. I think you're being quite childish."

Betty Jane decided to jump in and said, "Is everything okay with you two, Allie?"

"Yeah, Betty Jane and I are a little curious," Laura said.

"Everything's fine," Allie said, not really meaning it. "Don't worry about me and Quincy."

The limousine started dropping off a few other students to their houses around the neighborhood. Quincy then said to Allie, "So?"

"So, what?" she said, kind of snappishly.

"Aren't you gonna answer the question?"

"Which one, the one I'm about to ask about why you're acting like this?"

"I meant about Zack, smart one! What were you two talking about out there?"

"Jesus, Allie, just answer his question already," Laura said, groaning as she put her hand on her head. "Your lovers' quarrel is giving me and Betty Jane a headache right here."

"Fine," snapped Allie. "You really wanna know what Zack and I were talking about? We were just having a friendly conversation about life, that's what it is."

"Then what would explain him holding your arms a little too close out there?"

"Goddammit, Quincy, haven't you ever heard of 'slow-dancing'?"

"I've had; just not when the guy becomes too close!"

"Zack wasn't even that close to me, MacKenzie! You would know that if you'd been watching us in the front instead of all the way in the back."

"I didn't need to see you two so up-close!"

The limousine driver turned around, and he called out, "Everything going on well back there, children?"

"Yes, sir," replied everyone else in the limousine.

"Nice going. The driver is becoming distracted because of you and your shouting," Allie said to Quincy. "You mind talking a little bit louder?!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry, why don't you go up to Zack on Monday and ask him for his phone number if you're really that interested in talking about life with him?"

Allie was extremely fed up of Quincy's intolerable behavior. "You know what?" she shouted. "Maybe I will! Maybe I will go steady with whomever else I choose to, and maybe that person won't be you. Now how do you like that?"

"Fine, if that's the way you want it!" he shouted.

Everyone else in the limo, however, was doing their best to tune out the loud shouting by chattering loudly among themselves. Betty Jane and Laura were the unfortunate ones to witness the whole thing. Betty Jane asked Allie, "Are you okay, Allie?"

"Who cares?" Allie muttered.

Pretty soon, the limo driver reached the front of Allie and Quincy's neighborhood, and they both got out of the limo at the same time. The limo driver called out to them, "Have a good night, you two lovebirds!" He waved to them and laughed as if he were trying to make a joke out of it.

Just then, Allie felt this sudden urge to give Quincy a slap on his face for being a jerk. "That's what you get for being such a jerk for no reason at all!" she snapped.

"The only person you've just hurt is yourself," Quincy retorted, then they each stormed off to their own houses. Allie entered her house, and she tried her best to remain happy but all attempts failed.

"Hello, honey," said Alexandra brightly. "How was the Homecoming?"

"The worst, the worst, the worst!" Allie cried as she took off her crown and flung it across the living room wall in anger. Paul was shocked, and Allie ran up to her room to cry her heart out for her ruined night, all thanks to Quincy.

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