Bit 1 Scene 1: The Intro

* The Scene Begins with the skyline of New York, a figure is present watching from above, it cuts to a conversation between a member of the mafia and a man, eventually are shown entering an argument and the right hand to the mob boss lifts up the man, the man in question is kicked out a window and the scene freezes*

Narrator: I never expected I would end up like this, If you're wondering, that idiot that got thrown out that window was me.

*Man is slowly falling into the waters*

Narrator: But this was not how I had started out, let me take you to the beginning, several years before this happened

*whole scene goes backward in time to show a cafe*

Narrator: My name is Richard Delaurento, I run this cafe known as 

"Caffè Della Rosa Bianca" which is situated in Venice, Italy.

*scene moves to a young woman in her 20's, short but muscular currently smoking a cigarette and looking at the newspaper*

Narrator: That lady over there, that is my wife Arielle, Arielle hates my guts.. and for some reason she loves me at the same time.. what a woman.

*scene now moves to a man who is drunk, and is currently fighting a burly man in front of a crowd."

Narrator: you see those two idiots bar fighting, they are my younger brothers. Frederico and Angelo, I always thought they had problems

* Narrator looks to the audience*

Narrator: Now we shall begin the tale of how I got to this position


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