Bit 7 Chapter Seven: The Search Part ll

"Chocolate Orange? Chocolate Orange? Orange Chocolate? Chocolate Oran-"

"Shut up, Jerry." She softens her voice in worry. "Terry..."

When Terry opens his eyes, they grow wide and confused, he takes a rocky step back.

"Terry, what happened?" Yasmine reaches out to grab him as if scared to lose another whilst Daniel looks on with uncomfortable agitation.

Terry Gibson had been pale, shock stricken and petrified and had stood deathly against the door to which he believed Mrs James was in with his eyes barely open, flickering white occasionally as if they had no bother to be awake, and his veins had been purple and huge, resurrecting from beneath his skin like snakes. Now he is painted red and purple, the eyes no longer in torture but are darting and colourless as if its awareness was paralysed. And for a blink, as the eye balls revealed itself from its socket, they weren't Terry's.

He let out a whistling breath. "Dan?"

"We're here, Terry." Jerry wheezes quietly. Daniel only looks on; eyes hollow and scarce.

"What happened?" Yasmine is bent over him, her face painted with growing fear.

"I don't know. But I think we have to get back. To the classroom. Something doesn't feel right."

"Yeah...I...I feel really weird..." Jerry finally speaks, but his jolly tone is buried.

"Me too..." She looks off into the darkness and turns her face back to where she believes them to be. "Dan, you okay?"


"Stay close with us. I'm a bit freaked out after Terry fainted."

"I fainted?"

"It's the only explanation...I mean, you was weird. Yeah, let's get back to the others. Mrs James' gunna go metal. Jesus, we should never have left."

"It's my fault anyway."

"It isn't your fault, Jerry."

"Ha, whatever."

The silence is thick with thought until Jerry speaks again, his squeaky voice unexpected. "Terry, hold onto Yas's blazer and she'll take you to the medical room. Me and Dan will go back to class."

"Should I stay with him there?"

"You could tell the teachers there, like Mrs Henry, that we have no teacher in our class and she'll send one up. Probs will get a teacher to escort you back. You wont have to go alone. I mean, come on, Mrs James should have never left a group of kids when...Jesus, where the hell is everyone?" Jerry quietens and calms his voice, and the tension of knowing grows within the group. "Yas, go ahead. We'll meet you back in class."


The two thirteen year olds feel the mist of their absense and slowly, Dan starts to talk.

"I'm not myself. I can tell. At least I wasn't before because I just felt so...strange and different and it didn't feel like me. I...I don't know. Je, did you feel... like that?"

"Yeah, Dan. Yeah I did."

"Medical room? Medical room? Medical room? Pf, Jesus."

"Yasmine, calm down. We're probably near it. It's only down the corridor."



"Well, I don't know! God knows what time it is? Supposed to be having a meal for my dad's birthday. I mean, the bell for last lesson seems like it rang hours ago. How do we know what time it is or how to contact our parents? And where are the teachers? To be honest, they're probably out having cup of bloody tea down the road and "forgot" about us in their most professional way."

"Yasmine, wait a sec. I hear something."

"Well never, there's 'bout to be someone walking around. There's over a thousand of us. Who have all disappeared and-"

"It doesn't make any sense." Terry said quietly.

"What? What 'you on about?"

" I-I don't understand...Yas, can you hear it?"

"Hear it? Hear what?"

"Here that?'s the conversation we just had about half an hour ago. With Jerry and Dan. I...I hear our voices. We're looking for Mrs James..."

"What? Terry, I don't understand?"

Terry turns slowly to her voice. "I hear it...I hear it...I swear to God, I hear it..."

And Terry was right. He did hear it. But Yasmine didn't. That's because in less than two seconds she will die and Terry will escape, and only then will the true terror inside their little hearts awaken.

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