Bit 5 Chapter Five: The Search Part l

"Wait..." Jerry whispers, giggling. "Wait...stop it." He brakes into a fit of giggles. "St-stop. Stop i-i-it, Dan."

"I'm not doing anything!" He hisses.

"You're stepping on my foot." Jerry giggles more. Terry begins to snicker. Yasmine starts to laugh. Daniel bursts into hysterics.

"Are you tickling me? Gosh, you've got more tentacles than a bloody...octo...p-p-pusss." Jerry ends in a sis as he sniggers uncontrollably.

"Jerry!" Dan giggles.

"Hey, Chocolate Orange, give me your phone. Didn't bring mine. This not-seeing-business is starting to piss me off." Jerry says, choking on his laughing breaths.

"There's been a power cut, Jerry." Yasmine says in a deriding manner.

"Yeah, but the thing on the phone flashes when there's a message or something. Might still be flashing." He snatches blindly at Terry's pocket.

"That's...that's not my pocket."

"Oh, God." They all belly laugh, their chuckles moulded together and rising in volume once the others hear the uneven cackles of Daniel, almost forming a connection of some kind between the four who would have to choose for one to die in four hours.

No light projected off the phone when they checked anyway.

"There's been a power cut, Jerry." Yasmine says in the same deriding manner, welcoming a series of scornful giggles.

"Alright-" That's when Daniel breaks off, almost sensing something in the air, figuring something strange. " you guys feel that there's no one out there? That...that we're the only-"

"Don't be a Jerry, Dan." Yasmine splutters quickly.


"No, I...I'm literally not kidding." They fall silent, every chuckle bubbling inside of them drowning at once, like a cold chill had suddenly washed over them.

"Right...I think we should knock on Mr Kerb's door-"

"We're in complete darkness, Jerry," Yasmine snaps sharply. "How the flip are we supposed to find his exact classroom in complete darkness?"

"OK, we'll knock on any door then."

And so that's what they do; they knock on any door, feeling the walls across until they feel the cold, slipperiness of a door handle and knock softly on the door. There's no response, but it sounds almost like wind is blowing inside.

The four children glance at each other, even in the immortal blackness.

Terry tries knocking, Yasmine tries knocking, Daniel tries knocking. Jerry tries knocking. They all knock until their knuckles are raw and bleeding judging by the stickiness of their hands.

They even try shoving their faces in the glass windows but of course, they see nothing.

They call out to every door and try to push down every handle, but it neither opens or projects a teacher shouting at her students to shut-the-hell-up or Mr Kerb playing orange's blur with the class or girls screaming and swearing as boys take their phones or thirty-odd thirteen and fourteen year olds rioting and leaping on the tables manically. The abnormal tranquillity of that abandoned corridor brought back the same wave of ominousity that seemed to trigger their heart strings.

"Where..." Her voice is shaky, merely a whisper as she recovers from a mild panic stab in her gut. She swallows the lump away.

"The corridor must have been evacuated or something. I mean...maybe they've gone to the hall?" Terry's optimism softened their tightened heart strings with breaths of relief.

"Kinda weird that they didn't notify us? Like,come on, the noises we were making. They would have had to walk past our class to get there-"

"Yeah, but maybe they went individually as classes."

"But I didn't hear or see anyone go past. Did you?"

"How would we notice, it's pitch black!"


"Well, they must have gone somewhere else then. God, shut up." Daniel huffs. They shut up.

"OK," Terry begins bravely. "The school's just had a power cut, our teacher hasn't returned and the classes in this corridor aren't here. We're 'bout to be a little freaked out. But honestly, they've probably gone together for a meeting somewhere and didn't include us because...well, all the classes bitch about our class so don't worry about it." They all giggle at this.

"So, now where? The reception?"


Walking seemingly side by side, they slide their way down the corridor until they feel the wall turn and slide another way.

"Final destination."



"Right, so the reception must be across there." Terry nods, trusting his sightless eyes and proceeds to walk forward where his instincts lie when he thuds into something hard and cold, feeling the throb of his head and nose as the bone pressurises against the glass. Jerry sniggers.

"Well done."

"Apparently my predictive instincts have proven to be unreliable."

"Terry Johnson's sight guiding guaranteed to knock you out!"

"Just don't even try anymore, Jerry." Daniel cringes, his face crumpling to which Yasmine guesses by his tone and smirks.

Scrambling to his feet by sliding up the glass door, Terry feels along the door until rough wood pierces his skin like splinters and he calls out to his classmates.

"You found it then?"

"Mm..." Terry mumbles at Jerry's sarky remark before it catches in his throat like a stone when his hand settles on the wood frames of the reception.

"What is it, Terry?" Daniel and Yasmine ask in sync, sensing his uneasiness in the strained air.

"It's's cold." He whispers.

They need to hurry.

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