Bit 12 Chapter Twelve: Rafi Finds Them

He was not on his own. Fifteen familiar people accompanying his distant presence, yet Rafi knew of the many absences even if he didn't call out to confirm it himself.

People had been left behind, and he was one of few who saw something beyond a power cut.

The rest were calling out to Terry and to all who would not answer, mumbling and shoving stuffily against each other's confused blazers.

They had must have been felt, someone. Many believe it to be a joke, and Rafi was frightened that his mind didn't settle into the sensibility of his other classmates resolutions and innocent assumptions, but he just felt sick; sick that something bad was happening, but it occurred to him that perhaps it had already happened.






"Yma, yes."


"Yes, still here."

Henry paused for a tight moment. "Mrs James?"

Everybody fell still. "Ms James?"

There was no ripple in the still sea.

"It was just a thought."

Rafi nudged the shoulder touching him. "Hey, why don't we just wait in the classroom? Makes sense."

"Because we want to get out of here?"

"We're still in school!"


"And we won't be able to find our way to the doors. We won't be able to open them..."

"Raf, I don't know what's going on, but no teacher is coming. Teacher's aren't like this. They don't just...they are not coming. Mrs James...something's happened to her."

"Oh, just stop. Just...everyone stop. This is bull. Come. On."

"Rafi. what else do you expect us to be like? What happened back there in the classroom...ok, we are freaked out like hell."

"So am I. But I'm not forming indigent conspiracies, am I? Everyone. Get your shit together!" Rafi called over the muffles and scuffles. All ignored his whine, and Rafi groaned in burning frustration.

That's when he felt the room's strange silence.

The voices were cut off and gagged. "Why aren't Yardley and Josh answering? Why aren't they here?"

"See? I said. This was such a dumb idea. I'm going back."

"Rafi, for heaven's sake, you wont find your way back."

"I could tell you the same thing, bloody hell."

He abruptly turned to slide his way through the cold empty space. The voices and soft breaths of his classmates ceased and drifted quickly, sounding as if they were far away even after merely another step.

He was walking quickly. Quicker than quick. The wind that chilled him in his pace did not feel like the air. And that made him squirm, because he knew he was alone. 

He quickly found the source of his chillings. It was coming from the walls he was sure. Inside the walls even. Living, lurking inside the plaster and brick of them. 

And as if the strange breeze struck strings at his skin, his forearm moved so that his hairs brushed against the rough icy bricks. It then fell to his side, twitched, and then shuddered as a wreath of darkness tormented his colourless sight.

"Jasmine...?" He thought he heard himself say. And then he called her name, because she looked dead.

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