Bit 10 Chapter Ten: Yardley and Josh

"What was that? I'm being serious, what was that?" Josh receives silence, but of course he keeps going. "I don't know what that was. It couldn't have been a scream. It sounded like a scream but I don't think it was. Why isn't anyone responding? Answer, please. Please?..." Josh feels his muscles starting to tense and twist against his bones. He's scared.

"Josh. Josh?"

"What? What? Yardley? What's happening?"


"Yardley! For fucks sake, reply you fucking..." He sighs deeply and swallows the strange-smelling air, steadying his breathing slowly. "Do you know what that noise was?" He says articulately.

"A scream."

"Fuck! No, it wasn't! Fucking hell. I'm telling you it wasn't a scream. Where's everyone else gone? They're not replying. Why is it so quiet? Jesus, wish I had bunked off at break with what's-his-name. Lucky son of a bitch. Oh, for fucks sake." Then, the strangest and weirdest thing happened to Josh: he felt a hand clasp around his. Sweaty, bony, must be Yardley's, he thought. "What the hell are you doing?" Josh angrily tries to yank his hand away, but it wont let go.

"I think you should shut up, Josh. There's been a break in here. I think you should shut up." Josh's mouth clamps closed. He swallows. Yardley's hushed voice, high on the brink of quivering, made him.

"A...break in? What, like an actual...? But...the teachers and the houses outside"

"Josh. Please. Please, please shut up. Please, I'm begging you, please." He is whimpering like a small child. Yardley sounds anxious in his pleading protest, afraid as if he feared the situation. Josh frowns at this, but he still shuts up.

They have been silent for a while. Josh starts to shuffle against the wall, starting to slowly pull his fingers out of Yardley's sweaty hand.

But it is grasped again, fumbling to secure his fingers around Josh's as if he is afraid of being left all alone.

"Yardley, what the hell is wrong with you?" Josh hisses between his teeth, but even he feels a deep, dark push against him of the silent, empty corridor.

"I'm afraid." He whispers at last.

"Afraid of what?" But Josh's voice trailed off uselessly, prickling in trepidation. Yardley doesn't reply.

Silence fall again and Josh and Yardley quickly and silently agree to start fumbling around.

"Clyden? Clyde? Ad? Lilly? Raji? You around?" Josh starts to speak out in a low, vigilant voice, although it shakes with confusion and doubt.

His tongue begins to roll out swear words in between his lonely breaths, filled with the air of omniousity, and thoughtlessly grips the walls with sweaty hands.

Yardley swallowed.

"Josh," He squeaks. Yardley has only taken two shuffles forward, and two shuffles back. The direction he went was away from Josh's voice, and there, the air was colder, only slightly different in temperature, but definitely colder. Yardley has shuffled back to Josh's mumbling. His mind feels wiped with confusion.

"Where they gone?" He hears Josh whimper at last, whimpering with bemusement, and the cold air next to Yardley gets colder.

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