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The sound of laughter was audible all throughout the kingdom. The streets were accompanied with elves, celebrating such an joyous occasion. While I, the one who was meant to be in the center of town by nine o' clock had just finished putting on a couple pieces of jewelry and a little bit of makeup here and there.

I stood by my bed, slipping on a red dress (front part exposing legs) and high, black leather boots. Checking myself in the mirror once more before I left, I walked out my bedroom door and took my time walking down the stairs. By the front door I could see one of our servants, waiting.

"Well, good afternoon Miss Merkwood." Gilby smiled.


The grey haired elf handed me a mint and opened the door. "Shall I escort you now, Miss?" I took the mint and popped it in my mouth with a gentle smile. "You do remember you can call me by my first name, right? I'm sure we've been over this before."

He chuckled as we walked out into the cold night, where I could hear the music all the way from the castle. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind, don't you worry."

"Yeah that's exactly what you said last time." I rolled my eyes.

"Oh but Ladia, you must understand that if I were to call you by your first name around your father I'd be put the pole." He said with a hearty, old man-like laugh. I couldn't help but have the same reaction as him, and giggled along. This man was the light of my life. I've known him ever since I was a young elf. He's take care of me and tend to all of my insignificant needs. And that same smile always made my day a little bit brighter. "Don't you say such a thing! My father adores you, he wouldn't do that do you."

"You're right." He looked up over to me and showed me his elbow. I took his arm and we both walked down the hill to where the bonfire and other townsfolk had gathered, talking amongst ourselves, joking and bringing up stories about how our days went.

We arrive at the event and now that I was this close I could smell liquor and the hooting and hollering of the other elves.

I greet some of them with a faint smile shaking their hands, and with some I held them upright as they were a bit on the tipsy-turvy side. I didn't mind it too much, it was a norm for us. We were happy creatures and all we wanted was to be happy for as long as we could. And getting drunk was certainly a good outlet for them.

After exchanging hello's and awkward mentions of life back in dwellings, I moved along. Gilbly had been following me and my father from time to time making sure we were being taken care of, letting out a couple jokes here and there. I smiled from afar seeing the look on my father's face the moment he was getting a teeny bit annoyed but still held that hint of a smile.

Keeping to myself I walk my way toward the uplifted ground where three thrones stood proud and tall on the leveled soil. I came up to my father's, his being the one of iron and gold. The next was mine, the middle one. The same size but with a bit of silver and a touch of spikes to the edge to add a bit more texture, as requested. The last one was as big as my father's. Streaks of silver carvings, vines and other types of greenery added. My hand ran solemnly over the arm rest where I could still sense her presence. My heart throbbed, as I pulled my hand away.

"Ladia!" I heard my name being called by a voice I probably knew all too well. I looked up to see a familiar flash of blonde hair then having the air being knocked out of me. We fell back and down the hill finally stopping once we were in front of the tree line. Giggling and with a few tears I couldn't believe it was her. "Oh my God, Aelrue!" I half sobbed into her shoulder and held her tightly as we both laid there embracing eachother.

"I missed you so much, glad to see you're still here." she laughed happily. She let go and sat up pulling me up with her. I wiped a tear and hugged her once more. "I thought you were a goner." Aelrue only giggled. "Don't be so quear, I'm the best hunter you know! Heck, like I would leave you here with Mr. Old Grumpy Dwarf Beard over here." Smiling, she pulled away. "Now let me get a good look at you, oh my gosh, you look so old now!"

"Gee thanks, oh and yeah just to mention, your face creme doesn't work, it probably gave me wrinkles."

"Well either way your cute little freckle face has now been refreshed in my mind. You look good, sassy too. I like the dress. Did Duilya craft it for you?"

"No, Hhora did actually." I responded with a kind of worn out expression. Aelrue made a face. "Wow, really? Man, for an old hag like her she does have some taste." She huffed with a light humor.

My day had automatically improved. The huntsman came back to the castle, all twenty still alive and in one piece. Of course a couple were injured and some lost a couple things but as always they would recover by either nature's ways or magic users. One way or another I was just glad my friend made it back alive herself. Things had been quite lonesome without her.

"Okay, you have to catch me up on all that's happened. I haven't been home in months, and I think you should cut me some slack on the stacks of homework I've missed out on! Fun right?"

"Oh yeah, so fun." I made the same sarcastic comment. She shook her head with a snicker as she brought me back to the hoards of elves and mound of fresh catch. But before she could, I hesitated, and pulled my hand back. She looked back at me with a confused look on her face. "What wrong?"

I only stared at the pile of dead, rotting corpses, disgusted. "I can't over there, Aelrue."

"Why, what's wrong?" she was so eager to know everything of that matter. It annoyed me. "You know why, don't play dumb, I've told you before a hundred time." Annoyed I was willing enough to turn around and leave before the stench came to my nostrils. Grossed out, I did just so but her hand gripped my wrist firmly pulling me back to see into her concerning eyes. "Ladia, I understand you don't like all the killings but you do know this is our only way to survive around here." she sounded hysterical to me. "If we stopped fighting and put off protecting our own we'd surely perish with the rest of the fallen who thought it was pointless. Please stop this pity party and come eat with us this time."

I couldn't have been any more filled with such a raging fire before hearing her say something like that. Those were my believes. My morals, something I lived on, and she accused me of being of pity. I gritted my teeth, staring her down. And with a bitter use in my tone I say to her firmly, "No." going the other way, finally being able to get away from the scene.

"Fine then... be like that." I heard her mutter behind my back.

I couldn't take it.


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