Bit 6 Chapter Six: Mr. Creepypasta's Sacrifice

The cold air of the night hit my body as I stepped outside the house. I turned on my phone flashlight and aimed around anxiously in the darkness. It was a little dark out, but a hint of brightness was shown. It's almost morning, I thought, possibly before the crack of dawn. Around me, I saw the houses, but something was odd. The lights were on in their house, only a little though.

In each one, people were in there, a family. In each of their worried and frightened looks, some of them had weapons of all sorts. Guns, knives, bats, construction tools, etc. It was all there in their shaking hands.

But if they had lights on, wouldn't they have killed them already? It might not be enough time for Eric, because he's still out there, hoping and waiting for me to save him. When starting to run to the forest, I heard a voice calling out. I jumped and looked around me, shining my phone around at anything that I could possibly find. Seeing nothing, I turn around to run, but that same voice yelled out again. "Hey!"

I turned around again, shining at some houses. One of them had a girl, about my age, calling out. I aimed my flashlight at the girl, whose house was two houses farther from mine. "What are you doing out here? Can't you see that there's demons of some sorts killing everyone?" the girl said, walking up closer to me.

I just stood there, done nothing but wait for her to talk to me. Coming up closer, I finally got to see her tanned face. It was one of the popular girls at school, Teresa Wells. She does have a crush on me, well, that's what I heard. She had jet black long hair that hung over her shoulders, leaf green eyes, perfect make up that would attract you the first chance you look. She usually wears a white t-shirt and ripped jeans, which makes her pretty rebel. She's mostly known at school for being one of the most known cheerleaders at school. Her eyes made me feel less scared about my worries, but I must resist going. "Teresa, my friend is out there. I can't risk him getting killed and lost forever. He's like, the only friend I ever had, but that's different," I told her, about to run to the forest, but she laid her hand on my shoulder.

"Rick, you know, there was something I wanted to tell you too. Can I tell you first, then go save your friend?" Teresa asked me as she turned me around. I start to blush a little, but still needed to be in a hurry. "What is it?" I said, sounding less worried and more safe.

She turned her eyes up at mine, then slowly edged her lips close to mine. I slowly closed my eyes, feeling the urge to feel calm, and kissed her. Her lips felt spongy and soft, tasting the flavor of strawberry lipstick she had on. I had no worry at all, just thinking . . . safe . . . and pleasant thoughts. "Will you be my boyfriend?" She asked me, having a bit of tears in her eyes. "I don't want to miss you, please, nor your friend."

I had nothing to say, before leaving, I nodded my head. "I'll give you my phone number tomorrow and we can meet at school on Monday, how does that sound?" I asked Teresa, with tears dripping down her face and that pretty smile marked on her face. She nodded rapidly. "Go save Eric, my hero." I went to run, but thought of what she said. I stopped and turned to her. "How did you know my friend is named Eric?" I asked her, confused. She ran her hand over the back of her head, looking down. "'Well, I kind of do spy on you from my house sometimes. I just think you're hot," she said, blushing more, as if she said something she shouldn't have said. I felt a little creeped out, just hearing her explanation. "Right." I waved to her, before running to the next stop to the forest. And also, who would kiss a guy that they had just met? It's just like me being impatient with Eric before meeting him. Yeah, I'm like that, a lot, but I couldn't help it. I have issues when stressed.

I ran as fast as I can, feeling brave and heroic. My shoes run on the wet and hard pavement, stepping on small puddles on every step. The moon shown on my face, showing me the light to the entire town of Marble Hornets. I ran past a couple of houses, where people stepped out of their front doors, staring at me. As of their face expression, they must be wondering "what does that kid think he's doing?". I would might as well answer in my mind. I'm here to stop this chaos for once and for all.

I stop running, inhaling air from running out of it. My heart was beating fast, burning my legs for all that running. Finishing, I look up, noticing a bunch of big trees near me, from at least a few yards away. I smile, running to the forest. As I get to the gravel way, my foot steps on something hard, causing me to trip and fall. My head knocked hard on the pavement, giving me a big bump on my head. Looking at my foot, I saw something long and skinny laying down. I picked it up, holding a long machete. Who would have a machete out in the woods? I thought.

Kind of thinking about it, I think Eric would have it to use for himself to protect. I carry the weapon by the hard, plastic handle, and run into the dark forest. Stepping on hard gravel and dead leaves, I kept looking around for any sign of trouble. While running, two things had came to my mind: Keith and Marble Hornets. Where is Keith? I wondered. And will the town of Marble Hornets go downhill if I fail? That's what I don't know, but I wanted to stop thinking about it.

Suddenly, stopping to a light, I start to see people, or as if they are. Turning to see them, they were holding somebody still. Hiding behind a tree, I saw a bunch of all sorts of Creepypasta characters. Most of them circled around something, something bright. Getting a little closer, almost enough to get noticed, I saw a big fire around something in the middle of it. It seemed to be a stick-like pole, but something was tied to the top. Looking up at it, my mouth hung low as I saw Eric, struggling to escaped from being tied up to the pole.

He had cuts and bruises on him, but from the looks of it, he did not look happy. And on his forehead, there was some sort of symbol that familiarized me. It was carved on, blood dripping from the scar, making a symbol of Slenderman. "Let me go! I created you! I never wanted you to act like this!" I heard Eric yelled at someone far from view in the distance. Looking at whatever he was looking at, it was a tall figure, walking slowly up to him. In his white, skinny hands, held the journal.

"Nobody wanted us. They feared us," Slenderman said, his voice coming out dark and raspy. He held out the journal, slowly close to the fire. As he done that, Eric had screamed in pain, as if the journal was affecting him, like some sort of life source. "We never wanted to be created this way," Slenderman continued, moving the book away from the fire.

Eric struggled to revive from the pain that was going into him. "I never wanted you to be made fun of. Victor created me to create all of you. TO BE KNOWN FOR AS ENTERTAINMENT!" Eric yelled, trying to explain, but Slenderman keeps putting the journal close to the fire around him.

"Victor was a liar, Eric. He created you, because he wanted us to become insane, even you," Slenderman replied. That made Eric stop talking, and thought for a moment. "Even if Victor left us, he would still remember us, as a family of all creations, THAT TREATS THEIR MASTER LIKE TRASH!!" Eric said, screaming in more pain as Slenderman put the book closer to the fire.

I got out from behind the tree and took out the machete, ready to fight. "Let. Eric. Go," I said, in my bravest, and yet awkward tone yet. All of them, even Eric, turned to me. Looking at Eric's facial expressions, he seemed more happy than more shocked. In a few more seconds, I heard a laugh come from Jeff the Killer, his smile making his laugh look worse. Then the laughing spread on like wildfire, except for Slenderman. "Rick, Rick, Rick. What a big surprise. I heard you haven't heard of us. But now you have, and now we're here. Let's talk this through," Slenderman said, as he threw the book into the fire circle that surrounded Eric, getting a bit of the journal burnt.

Eric screamed, howled as the book went through the fire, landing on grassland underneath him. As Slenderman came close to me, he had something long come out of his back. In fact, there was lots. Tentacles. I dropped the machete, having no idea or plot of what should happen. As he got closer to me, he grabbed me with his tentacles, and squeezed me tightly. My body ached a lot, feeling more pain than from school with Big Jack, which I hope would be dead by now. I can feel my blood flowing to the two halves of my body. Then I heard Eric yell something from behind Slenderman. He stopped strangling me, and turned around at Eric, at by surprise, has escaped from the pole.

"What?! How did you-" Slenderman stuttered, confused and angry. Eric seemed to look different, as in how he looks. Some of his burnt marks revealed different colors. Some shown are blue, black, and white. Looking at him, it seemed that the blue must be his Mr. Creepypasta appeal, the black being his CreepsMcPasta, and the white being his Creepypasta Jr. appeal. "Like I said, I am your master," Eric said, not making any sense, but still looks angry from the pain he's been through. As he finished his explanation, he held up something in this right hand, the journal, still safe and sound.

Slenderman growled, throwing me out of the way. "GET THAT BOOK!" he shouted as all of the Creepypasta characters ran close to him. Eric didn't seem afraid, but I can tell he's going to do it. He eyed at me, then eyed at the machete. I looked at the weapon, then shook my head no as a response. He nodded yes, which made me want to end all of this. I grabbed the machete by the handle and threw it in the crowd, which Eric had caught it in his hands. He grabbed the book, opening to the blank pages, and raised the machete up. "Who's your creator now?" Eric said. He lowered the machete down, stabbing into the journal.

Eric then let out a loud, howling scream. It was upsetting to see him suffer, but it was the only way to stop all of this. Looking at all of the characters, they seemed to be horrified, staring at the journal, then staring at them. Their bodies were morphing into ink, as if it was the ink from the pencil and charcoal that came from the sketches. "No! What have you done?!" Slenderman screamed, looking down at me, then down at his body. His body was disappearing slowly, morphing into ink. He screamed, as he tried to grab my neck with his huge hands, but he misses as his whole arms disappear. All of the Creepypasta characters then disappear, then Eric looked at me, then gave me a wink and a salute. I got a feeling it would end good, so I gave him a salute back. Then his body started to morph into ink, sucking him back into the journal, then the book shuts itself closed.

Hearing only nothing but silence, I went up to the journal, opening it up. I was shocked and surprised that all of the sketches have gone back into their rightful place. I looked at the last page, where I drew that one sketch of Slenderman, was a blank page. I set the book down, placing my hand on the journal's page. As I did, something appeared on the page. I removed my hand off the page, looking at the words that formed out something, as if it was being typed by a typewriter.

The words read:

"Thank you for releasing me Rick. I knew you can do it! You can write me back on page if you want, but don't write me as evil or wicked. Just like how my creator wrote me for the first time. Thank you Rick, thank you. - Mr. Creepypasta, your only trusted friend."

Just staring at that note made me start to shed a tear. As I hugged the book tight against my chest, I looked up, lots of people stared at me. They were the people from the town. They must've saw what happened, because they looked happy and sad, according to their facial expressions. They started clapping, then cheering. I saw some other people that I knew. I saw Teresa, Ryan, and Big Jack. I was horrified to see him, but this time, he ran up to me, and hugged me tightly against his big chest. "Hey Little Rick, sorry on being such a bully to you. I never knew you were such brave with such a great friend like that. My apologies. Wanna be friends together? You, me and others?" He said, grinning at me. He sounded serious, which made me smile. I nodded my head, then raised the book in the air, cheering on for other to cheer for me. I finally done something that made me feel less lonely. I never had much attention in town. Barely anybody liked me, but now, by how they felt, they wanted me as their new hero.

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