Bit 9 All Part of the plan

I lost sight of him as he left me. Flustered and confused. Eventually Kallie came out and we had to say our goodbyes to the crowd of people before getting ready for our return to the city. We were given some weapons as we couldn't just walk up into our ship and take some. I knew we didn't brig very many because of the excellent defence we have onboard.

As soon as we were given the green light. We made our through the tunnels and back up to the cityscape and through the building where I had been taken from.

We set our plan into motion. One of Dantes men carried me up. With a bag covering my face but I knew the way. I was placed back where I came from. The crewe had come up before from some other entrance. A few minutes later they came in and "discovered" me.

I knew there were cameras almost everywhere. I didn't want to waste this attempt and blow the operation. I was a bit drowsy from the sleeping pills I had been given to complete the effect. Dimitri pulled the black cover from my face. The ceiling seemed to swirl and sway. Quickly he picked me up and carried me back to the hotel as soon as he realized that I didn't want to walk.

The receptionist gave us a funny look as I asked for our keys. My clothes were dirty. My hair knotted and greased and my skin was so gross. All part of the plan. Though i hated to get my clothes dirty, or any clothes in that case. I knew I needed a shower as soon as I entered the room. I could tell she was wondering why I hadn't come back in the last few days. Never the lest I smiled as she handed them over and we headed for the elevator.

I knew the moment I opened the door that someone was in the room. Whether it was the weird cologne smell or just that sixth sense of being watched. And as I stepped in, I knew who it was.

"Ah Cordelia! Where have you been? We were all so worried?" Atlas Zarim stood in the middle of the room, leaning against the dresser with a worried expression plastered on his face.

Hmmm, worried? Probably not. Suspicious, high probable.

I walked over and sat down on the bed. "I was taken. I don't know where. I was out for most of it. I don't really remember much. Just darkness and children's cries from somewhere. It was awful and bleak. I think they fed me drugs or something and knocked me out. Then the last thing I remember was waking up to Dimitri carrying me here."

I rested back into the pillows. I felt super tired and probably was going to pass out soon. Would he get it out and leave so I could sleep?

"That's terrible. Would you be able to tell me what you do know?" He pressed.

"Mr.Zarim, I'm tired. I've been in prisoned for two days and I really need some rest. I don't mean to sound rude but can we continue this when I wake up after I've had some rest?" I stare at him. It was as if I could see through some beforehand glamour that he hid behind. Had I not found out about his "hidden" agenda, I would of followed every one of his sugarcoated lies.

"Of Course. Miss.Cordelia I hope you get a good rest and I will see you then." He bows and sails out the door.

Finally. I was getting so sick of him and his lies and fake smiles.

Only then do I truly relax and the talking around me melts into sound. I close my eyes and fall into sleep.


When I woke the next morning, no one else was awake. They must of been so exhausted and worrying for those days I was gone.

I tiptoe to my suitcase and pull some of me "new" replaced clothes and head to the shower.

The water was heat and felt so good against my dirty skin. I was feeling so much cleaner and had a better outlook on this than last night.

Drying myself, I hurried into a body suit and wormed on a jacket and a pair of SL19-98 laser guns in each of my hidden boot holsters. Just incase. You never know.

I pull my damp-dry hair into a bun and twisting it up, pin it to the back of my head.

When i re-enter the room, everyone is starting to get changed.

"Morning!" I greet them before slipping my version of the army-issued combat boots. Mine were obviously more fashionable. Not that I'd be looking at my feet a lot.

"Morning..." A sleepily version of them echoed through the room.

Today we were heading to the observatory, going to get any new scoop on the operation. Operation Stop Zarim or in short: Op SZ.

We had to wait another twenty minutes for the men. You'd think they'd change faster and get up faster than us since they have less to take off and less to put on, but nope.

We just ate while waiting for them. And when they finally showed up, we split up. The girls going to observatory and the men scouting the stores for any gossip or acton out of order.

We agreed to meet and 13:00 hours. And split.

<><> Teneia was at her regular spot. Waiting on a group of kids no younger than seven or eight.

"Be right there with you!"

We browsed through the various stands while she finished.

The group was ushered into the planet viewing room and she came to talk.

"Why don't you all come into the room and we can speak while the presentation is on? Every week one class or another comes and watches a different video on life of the stars and stuff. Boring stuff really. Its all government funded and crap. Practically brainwashing. We did have original tapes. But they were thrown out when he came into power." She quieted to a wispher was she swept us in and set us down a few rows behind the children.

"So there's nothing that aires that isn't government funded?" I ask her. After watching the video for a few moments, I know what she means by brainwashing.

It's practically telling the kids to never dream to live outside the society of Gaia. No wonder. Id have nightmares too. If I had to watch stuff like this every week.

"For most part no. It has to been approved by the government and mostStuff today isn't good enough. I heard that most of the stuff in the archives is gone. Destroyed in hopes that no one leaves."

The seriousness of this poor people and its lying government hit me like bricks. We needed to get people out. At lest those who wanted to leave.

I was going to do it.

We thank Teneia and head back to the room, brainstorming ways on which we could expose Atlas.

The men joined us later. Not having picked up any good leads.

I decided that we needed to send out a request for backup. Even if just for getting the hybrids off this damned planet.

Heading up the grav tube. We reached the dock, and as me and Kisa head for the bridge to send a communication to the closest Icarus Imperial Army Spaceship. With a request for a ship big enough to carry all the hybrids.

As soon as it was sent, we headed back for dinner. Nothing special of course. We all agreed to meet back in the hotel room and debug it.

None of us wanted to be overheard or have the plan compromised. And knowing Atlas, I wouldn't put it behind him for using such dirty methods.

As soon as the guys we all set up and scanned the room for hidden mics and cameras. When we had disconnected all the ones we had found - when did he have the time or the audacity to put them up, let alone enter a female room- we started. Making sure to keep our voices down. We began.

The plan was to attack at the parade. Where to ever citizen it was mandatory to attend. So it would be the best place to attack. We had to worm some info to them and Teneia would tell us the final plan when it was decided.

And with this in mind we all went to rest - for real this time - our weary selfs.

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