Dante looked from Seung-Gi to me and back. Disbelief sprayed across his face.

"Kim? Cordelia? Do you two already know each other?"

Seung-Gi scratched his neck and reluctantly looked to face Dante. Sighing he began with his explanation of our chance meeting.

"Yes. A few days back, during the Simons mission. I was chasing one of Zarim's men. He crashed into Cordelia and I simply caught her. I didn't want her to get hurt because of us." Seung-Gi gave me a small smile and opened up a drawer beside him.

I look at the ground, admiring my shoes as the silence that fell gets awkward.


Dante presses a button in his ear, attached to a earpiece. He turns around and heads towards the door. He briefly glances at us.

"Well.. Kim. I'm counting on you to tend to her wounds. Cordelia, I'll sent someone to get you and get you some new clothes.those probably don't feel so comfortable now."

"Yes, Dante." Seung-Gi salutes him with two fingers.

"Thank you, Dante." I call to him as he heads out.

The door gives off a slight hiss as it closes shut behind Dante.

I sit quickly down into the chair pointed to me. "So you're a BlueLark member too?" I ask cautiously. I look up to look him in the eyes.

"Yes." Seung-Gi started in my wrists, applying a ointment over them. Sparks of electricity soar under my skin.

"It feels strange," mumbling to myself. Seung-Gi smiles and takes one of my hands in his. A different feeling warms my hands.

"The ointment uses your own energy and combines it with nano genes to speed up your natural healing cycle at fifty times faster. While still inserting antibodies into your blood stream clearing out any infection or contamination in your immune system. It's quite effective." He rubs his thumb in circles on my wrist.

A warm sensation spreads from there and then throughout the rest of my body.

"Are there are side effects?"

"You will feel a burst of energy every once in a while and it will look like your veins are shimmering gold. But it will go away within fifteen hours."

"Oh..." Was all I could muster to say as I stared at my wrists in disbelief.

We sat in silence for what seemed forever.

"So.." I began slowly. "What made you join BlueLark?"

Seung-Gi looked at me with curiosity then turned around. "I don't want to talk about it." He stated quietly.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude or anything. You just look really young." I turn my head away in shame, cheeks blazing with embarrassment.

"It's okay. I know what it feels like to curious. We all are at one time or another. I can't get mad at you for just wanting to know more about your surroundings and wanting to help." He placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled.

Right then was when I decided that I hadn't introduced myself. I stuck out my hand to him. "I'm Cordelia Ravenna. Captain of the Artemis |><|."

He chuckled as he shook my hand. "I'm Seung-Gi Kim. BlueLark member by night and shop boy by day."

I giggled and gave him a smiles. "Nice to meet you, Seung-Gi. I hope we become good friends".

Now up close I could tell what he looked like. Before it was dark and I couldn't really see anything more than his eyes. His eyes were double lidded but he still had some Asian features I didn't catch before. I would be lying but if I said he wasn't somewhat attractive.

He turned and pressed the same button as Dante had before, speaking in a low voice. I couldn't make out what he was saying.

"Cordelia, I'm suppose to take you to the girls dorm. So if you want to follow me," he asked as he gestures to the door.

"Certainly." I follow him out into the winding hallway. But we head in the opposite direction from the one we came in. Going deeper and deeper into the headquarters.

We stopped In front of a more feminine door. A darker, more navy colour instead of the rusty colour of the other doors. He scanned his card and the door opened.

The room we entered was what I presumed the living common. Girls and guys frequented from one place to another. All of them, as far as I could see were hybrids. Some more human looking then others.

One girl brushed up behind me. She apologized and continued on with whatever she was doing. Her features were striking, blue scaled skin and golden eyes. She let a smile smile play across her lips before turning away.

Tapping Seung-Gi on the shoulder I lean in towards his ear and ask, "Why do some of them look more human then others?"

"Some of them use a Perception filter. It's kinda like a invisibly spell on their features."

"Are you using one?" I ask quietly, Trying to read his facial expression.

"Don't need to. I'm part Sorian. We have a more humanoid appearance with what you would call Asian features." He told me as he led me over to a girl who seemed strikingly familiar.


He stopped in front of the girl, but I still couldn't recognize who she was.

"Linrow! Dante asked me to get some new clothes for Cordelia here since she was asleep in them for a few days."

Shock coursed through me. I had been asleep for days. I yank his shoulder back and roughly talk into his ear.

"You didn't tell me that I was asleep for days!" I didn't mean to be so rough but when you don't know that you were asleep for a few days you start to worry about what you left behind. "My crew is probably worried sick."

The girl simply smiled. "We informed that you were safe and in good hands. They are coming to pick you up. It's best if you left Neo Gaia after this. Get your self rid of your horrible experience." Placing a Hand on my shoulder she looked into my eyes and tried to reassure me.

It seemed like they didn't want me here. Which kinda made sense but I wanted to help.

"Can't I help you? I'm not in a hurry and I don't have anywhere to go after this. I want to help the children." I almost plead to them.

Seung-Gi smiled and said,"You'd have to talk to Dante. Me and Linrow don't make any of the decisions."

"Anyway Linrow don't you have to get back to the observatory?" He now was looking at the girl when it hit me who she was.

I didn't recognize her probably because of her perception filter. She looked so different. Her eyes were now a teal green with slits in them instead of hazel ones. Her face was covered in short yellow fur and her nails were sharpened to a point.

"You're.....the girl I met that night at the observatory. Um...Teneia right? I didn't even recognize you!"

"Yep that was me."

"What are you doing in the observatory if you're in BlueLark?"

"I'm a upside informant. If I hear anything of interest or suspicious I report it to Dante." She shrugged her shoulders like it was a natural thing. "Anyway let's get you some different clothes?!"

Seung-Gi patted my back and whispered in my ear so only I could hear. "I hope I'll see you soon. I got to go but Linrow will take care of you. If you're nervous or need something ask her to call Dante. He'll help you and you can ask him about helping."

Then he turned and left me there with Teneia and a slight tingling in shoulder where he placed his hand.

"Come on." Teneia led me away and down into another corridor that she said led to the girls rooms. Once there she asked me for my size. I quickly answered and watched her shuffle through the clothes to bring back a navy tight fitted bodysuit with a black thin fitted jacket to wear over top with black slim pants. Kinda like a spy would wear, more or less.

I was allowed to contact my crew and get them down here to talk to Dante. I could only hope that he would say yes.

I keep my fingers crossed and we entered the room. Silence heavily filled the air as we sat down. Waiting for the meeting to start.

Inside the meeting was a long rectangular table and chairs lining it. Dante sat at the end. My crew sat hazardously down the table. Kallie was the first to notice me and ran to me, giving me a long hard hug.

As soon as she let go, the rest came. I apologized for not telling them where I was really good and let Dante explain the whole situation, since he was the expert.

"So as I mentioned earlier to Your captain, Atlas Zarim despises all hybrid. At the start we weren't sure why. When I spotted the first kidnapping I knew I had to do something about it. First it started out with me and my niece, Teneia. The girl you saw at the observatory.

"Then I invited my closest friends and family members to help stop the kidnapping. All the people you passed, interacted with, are all rescued hybrids by BlueLark. Now you're all sure you want to help us. Get into this damn bloody war?"

I looked to my crews expressions displayed on their face s.

"I'm fine with whatever my crew decides. I will help anyone in desperation. Tangian, Human, Time Lord, Flitteres, hybrids. Anyone who needs help, I will help."

I say to Dante while waiting for the verdict.

When they seem to have come up with a answer Akari stands up. "Cordelia, as your crew and as your friends, we are willing to follow you wherever you want us to go."

Sighing and smiling I hug her. I turn to the rest of my funky crew. "Thank you guys. You're the best crew, a captain could wish for."

Then I turn to Dante, hands on my hips and head held high. "What do we need to do Dante?"

Dante faintly smiles and gestures to me to sit in front beside him.

As I take the chair, Dante begins. "So far, Atlas doesn't know that we are in alliance. We can use that to our advantage. All he knows is that you are being held here. We can set you and all your crew up with com links and all the gadgets you'll need.

"Next week is the fifty anniversary o the Gaia change. There is going to be a big celebrate. Parade and everything. There in the open we can expose him."

He explains the tactics to Kallie, who nods in return. I can see that all the crew were getting into the mood.


By the time we were finished talking. It was well past Seven pm.

"Since it is so late. You are welcome to join us for dinner. It isn't a five star restaurant but it's cosy."

After nodding to my crew. I stepped forward. "We'd love to Dante."

"Okay. Follow me to the gallery."

I walked beside Karle and Kallie down the endless labyrinth of hallways to the gallery. Where all the members of BlueLark were seated on the different tables, conversing between themselves.

As soon as Dante entered, he walked to the front of the room. It went silent as the hybrids waited for him to begin.

"My friends. Today we found new friends. Ones that will fight for our cause. Please meet Captain Cordelia Ravenna and her crew. They are visiting from Icarus SS. Atlas tried to poison their minds against us, but their caring nature and luck brought them to us."

Rounds of applause roared throughout the room. I spotted Teneia and Seung-Gi in the corner of the room, clapping. I caught his eyes, I smiled and he returned it. A fluttery feeling rose in my stomach as we stared at each other.

Finally I looked away. I looked around. Karle was talking to a shorter girl. I walked over to her. "Karle, who is this?"

"This is Kenzie. Part Icarusian, part Flitteres. She wasn't using a perception filter. One of the devices that Dante had given to us tracks them.

Kenzie had feathery red hair that trailed down her back. Big bird-like red eyes sat above a regular pointed nose. Her nails were long and sharp. But the most magnificent feature about her, was the beautiful butterfly-like wings that sprouted from her back.

"Your wings are beautiful!" I told her as I looked at them with awe.

"Thank you," she replied.

Karle turned to me. "I was just telling Kenzie that we needed a chef for the kitchen aboard. I don't think any of us want to the machine anymore. It's just not the same as real food. And we have two spare spots in the dorms and bridge."

"I agree about the food. It'd be nice to eat real food. Kenzie would you join us on the Artemis |><|, after all this is over?" I ask her, my hand stretched out.

A bunch of emotions ran over her face before she smiled and place her hand in mine. "I'd love to!"

Shaking her hand I pat her on the back. "Great!"


I left Karle and Kenzie to venture over to the food table. I grab a cup and fill it up with a red punch-like liquid.

"That's raspberry lemonade," a voice said in my ear. I jumped and the punch sloshed onto my clothes. I groan and turn to the owner of the voice.

Mocha coloured skin and chocolate eyes. "Sorry. I cause that didn't I?" Seung-gi lightly chucked and scratched his neck. "Here, let me help," he said as he pressed a napkin to the stain.

My voice caught. I just watch him, trying to get the stain out, but failing.

He looks up at me and laughs softly. "Being all quiet huh?!"

Quickly I snap out of it. "Sorry I was thinking. There's so many people down here." I remark on the amount of girls and boys seated at the tables and frolicking the room.

"Yeah. It wasn't a lot when I got here when I was eight. It's grown a lot in the past two years." He's already given up on the napkin and trying to save my shirt.

"Wow that's a long time. I mean if you're what? Twenty?"I guess at his age.

"Twenty-one." He corrects me.

"That's....thirteen years. That's a long time."

"I don't really remember anything before ten. But I am thankful that Dante saved me, even if I don't remember it."

"Sorry......" I trail off, staring at the floor. Ashamed I asked such a sensitive question.

He grabs my chin and brings it up to look at me. "Look it wasn't your fault. So don't look so sad."

Then he lets go, turns and disappears into the crowd of mixed kids.

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