Bit 6 A Touch Of Skin

I awake from my sleep, falling out of the bed. It's still dark. The clock glows 4:10am as I get up and fumble around the black room to the bathroom. Turning the light on before closing the door softly behind me.

My reflection stares at me in the mirror, my birthmark shining through my foundation in some places. I reapply it, and make sure it's all covered. I look it over and quietly venture to my bag, grabbing some clothes and slipping back into the bathroom.

I quickly slip on the clean clothes and drop others on the floor, promising to clean them up later. I grab my elastic and pull my hair up and into a pony.

I stand in front of the mirror and assess myself.

Black jeans, black tank top, dark navy steampunk jacket and a pair of well worn in combat boots. I spin and grab the room key and shove it in my pocket.

I slowly creak the door open and slip out. I run my fingers along the wall as I head towards the elevator. Nobody else was up and it was peaceful, clam and just what I needed. The last few days had been stressful and I needed the break from it all. I left my key with the receptionist at the lobby.

The floor we were staying, was known as the "cityscape" it was all businesses, schools, centres and other stores. No one lives on this floor. It's all for commercial and economic use.

I walked through a huge green space covered in grass and flowers of all kinds of colours. The sign outside read that it was created after Central Park. Whatever that was. Across from the park was a observatory. I sped up and pulled on the door, it opened with ease. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me.

"Welcome to the Observatory." Would you like to see the stars today?" A girl, barely fifteen came up behind me and asked as she twirled her brown wavy finger through her fingers.

I turned to face her. "Yes, I would. Does it cost anything? I'm visiting from another planet and I don't have Ear-...Gaia money with me."

The girl smiled and answered, "Wow, we haven't had visitors since before I was born!" She clapped her hands together, smiled and gestured for me to follow her.

"Right this way. Today we can see the Pisces constellation really well." She showed me into a huge dome. "By the way my name is Teneia." She smiled and gestured me to sit down by the huge contraption. She didn't need to explain how to use the telescope, I had one in my bedroom.

"Thank you, Teneia." I told her after she left me to watch the stars.

Stars shined in clusters across the navy Galaxy. Violets and sapphires blended in and swirled around creating a painting too beautiful for words. My fascination lead me to ponder the stars from that chair for half a hour.

"Are you done?" Teneia asked as I exited the dome room.

"Yes, thank you." I waved to her as I left the observatory.

I pushed up the door and step into the dark outside. It hadn't gotten any lighter since I left this morning. Shadows playing across the ground seems to move swiftly towards me as I turn to look behind me.

Suddenly I'm pitching forward, heading for the ground. I can see someone running away from me. I shut my eyes and brace for the impact with the ground. After a few moments I realize it's not happening. I open my eyes and turn my head to peer into dark chocolate eyes that seem to melt my sapphire ones. Leaving me breathless.

"Are you okay...." His voice trails off as he looks in my eyes. Most of him is covered by shadows. I can only see the outline of his face and his striking eyes.

I falter and scramble for something, anything to say. "Um.......thank you...?" I could feel the heat from his hands on my small back. With ease He pulls me back up and steads me into my feet. As soon as I am good he begins to turn and break into a run after the person who pushed me.

I had a feeling that this wouldn't be the last time I would see him, "Who are you? What's your name?" I yelled out to him. My voice carrying on the wind.

He stopped and turned his head towards me and spoke in a voice only I could hear, "Seung-Gi." He turned and disappeared into the night. The trace of him remaining was his shadow that now was long gone.

I don't know how long I stood there, looking in the direction the mysterious man had ran off. I finally brought myself to walk back to the hotel. It was starting to get lighter and I needed to get back before they suspected anything.


As I trudged through the lobby to pick up my room key, I glance at the screen playing the news. The main story was of last nights close encounter with BLUELARK. It scrolled across the bottom of the screen in capitalized letters.

I grabbed my key from the receptionist and headed by to my room, where all the other girls were awake and getting changed.

There was a message from Atlas Zarim on the table.

"Please come to my office today. 7pm sharp" I placed the card down and stared at it. I would have to go see him, but at least he gave me the rest of the day to explore the Cityscape.

As I push all that out of my head I flop down in the bed and wait for the girls to get dressed.

My mind keeps wondering back to Seung-Gi, the mysterious guy. I could still faintly feel the heat caused by his warm hand son my back. The elevated pulse of my heart and his eyes, that I could drown in. They called to me and I wanted to see again. Even if it was once more. I wanted to see him. I want to figure him out.

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