Bit 2 Preparing for departure

When I woke early the next day, I asked Lola to bring me a outfit for a captain. Which really meant something spacey and modern. Lola bowed and left the room, saying she'd look for me.

I stretch my arms above my head, yawning, still tired. I roll out of bed and stood in front of my closet. My jet blue-black mess of hair hangs tumbling down my back.

Lola returned with a simple short purple dress with sliver sleeves and knee high white high heeled boots.

I stepped into the dress and zipped up the back. After brushing my hair, Lola pulled my hair up into a high ponytail, letting short wisps of my hair set on either side of my face. Framing it nicely.

When she finished, I stood up and quickly walked to my window. I was so excited to see my ship. I had always wanted to fly one. I had been given lessons but only in a flight simulator.

"Princess, Your ship has just docked. You can go down and meet your crew," Lola told me, calmly.

I thank her and pull on the boots she gave me, rushing with the zipper.

I raced through the door and headed for the space dock. I took a shortcut through the throne hall. I shouldn't but I was too excited. I opened the door at the dock. I searched the dock directory for my ship. She was docked at D-18. I raced to find her amongst all our royale ships.

There she was. Blue, with swirls of gold plating around the hull. To anyone it was probably just another ship. but I loved it. It was between the size of a medium cargo ship and a large transport ship. It was good sized ship. I started up the dock info pad. I read the statistics on her. She was top of her line, coming with brand new hyperdrive engines and navigation system and a gourmet kitchen. A combat yacht.

There was seven crewmen listed - helmsman, Medic, electronic warfare specialist, Radar and Sensor specialist, tactical officer, engineer and navigator. So many people I get to meet and explore the universe with. Each job important to running a ship and keeping her ship-shape. Without one of them a whole ship could be lost in space for days.

I stood under the ship and pressed the door open. A Column of white light, appeared and flashed. I opened my eyes and I was standing inside. A transporter beam, I heard they were now getting installed into All the royale ships.

Before me stood a woman who didn't look much older than me. She wore a long white doctors coat over a lilac zipper dress that stopped about 5 inches above the knees. Her creamed corn coloured hair done in a half up half down do. Her nails manicured and filed to a point.

"Hello Princess Cordelia, I'm Kisa, the medic aboard. I'm here to give you a tour of the Artemis." She smiled an gestured to me to follow her into the depths of my ship.

She showed me around the gallery, living compartments, the cargo barge and storage rooms and a lot of other rooms I don't remember the name of. Finally we got to the bridge/control room and I was so excited to see it. The big room at the front of the ship where all the stations are and you can see outside the ship.

She scanned her ID card over a black screen and placed her hand on it. It scanned her hand, analyzing her print before the screened darkened again. The doors slid open, revealing a two level room. A chair and black table near the middle on the top. Kisa tapped on the table and the screen came to life. She passed me a card with my photo on it. I had to scan my hand into the screen to set my handprint for all the doors. After that she pressed a yellow circle on the flat screen.

The lights all simultaneously came on, lines on the floor lighting up. The cover for the window opened up and o could see the dock workers wave at me. Several young ladies and men were standing in their assigned stations.

Medic screen to my right. Electronic warfare sat on my left, there was stairs leading down to the lower floor to the middle. Navigation to the middle right. A hologram of Arcana hung above the screen, buttons all lit up. A screen with a wheel next to it relatively in the middle was what I guessed to be the pilots.

A woman hunched over the lights, presumably plotting my trip. She turned towards me, "Hello!" She had dark black eyes, and a sweet smile. She had Asian features and long jet black hair that swept up into a bun on the top of her head. "I'm Akari Yong, I'm the helmsman of the Artemis |><|. It's nice to meet you Captain Cordelia!" She shook my hand and smiled brightly. She pressed a button on the screen. She leaned in close and spoke. "All crew to report to the bridge."

"How many crew mates are there aboard?" I asked Akari. Testing her knowledge of her crewe.

"Five other than me and Kisa." Akari said as she turned back to the screen.


The door slid open behind me and two others enter.

"Akari, why'd ya call us down here?" One of them asked, I could scent a Russian ascent. It was strange. What was a human doing so far away from Earth? Not that it was bad but earth was a really far distance from here.

"Dimitri, Dido, this is Princess Cordelia Ravenna, your new Captain." They both nodded their heads at me.

The guy held his hand to me after wiping it off on his pants, "I'm Dimitri, I'm engineer on this ship."

"Nice to me you. I hope you keep her in top shape." Avoiding the gas and dirt stained hand he held out in front of me.

"You can count on me!" He said as he smiled, pointing to himself with his thumb. Chuckling to himself as he made his way back to what I supposed was his screen.

I turned the the girl as she introduced herself. "I am Dido, the Electronic Warfare Specialist, you won't find anyone better than me. I'm honoured to work with you Princess."

"No one needs to call me Princess. Just Cordelia or Captain will do. I can't be known as Princess to the public so it's better to start now." I explained and they all nodded their heads in agreement.

The last three came through the door as it opened. Two girls and one guy.

The blond haired, blue eyed girl held her hand out. "I'm Kallie, the Tactical Officer here on Artemis. You can depend on me!" She smiled and giggled. Kallie was a very cheerful girl. She didn't look that much older than me.

The second to introduce them self was the other girl. She had native features and black brown hair with brown eyes that twinkled. "I'm Karle. I do Radar and Sensor specialist here."

"Nice to meet you Karle," I said as I shook her hand.

Finally the last guy held his hand out for me. "I'm Kane, the Navigator. I can get you anywhere you want to go."

"That's wonderful. I guess I should introduce myself. I am Cordelia Ravenna, Princess of Icarus SS" (means solar system. I'm too lazy to write it though).

"You can address me by Cordelia or Captain. Please don't call me Princess please. Or tell anyone okay? I'm so excited to travel the universes. I hope we become great friends on the journey and future journey."

I smiled as they all either told me they are honoured or excited to travel with me. I was ready for the journey ahead.'

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