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Bit 3 [0.2]

It's been about 15 minutes and all I gotten done was take a shower and put on pants. I hurry up and 6 minutes later she's at my door.

We get to the mall and walk into Alex's favorite store. She separated from me somehow and so I just look around to see if there's any good deals. Which there were none so I call Alex and see where she is and tell her to meet up at the food court.

On the phone I yell "Alex where are you! It's been 20 minutes and I already finished my food!" Turns out Alex forgot about me and a minute later she was at the food court right next to me apologizing.

"Okay well I'm going inside that one store with all those cute tops."

"Okay, wait don't you want to eat?"

"No. Now let's go!"


We walk into the store to find all of the hottest guys in our school looking at clothes but they hear Alex and I laughing from a comment I said earlier, and they all turn their eyes on us.

They were whispering. WHISPERING! I had no clue what about. Could be about my gorgeous friend, or about her break up. Or how we are crazy. Or anything really!

But one of them stood out. I knew him. He's in my chemistry class. Austin Mcalister is his name. He was pretty cute and also a big class clown. I walked to spot that's diagonally from the boys so I could still see them, without them noticing me.

"Hey Jack, what would you do if I go talk to them"

"I can't stop you, so go right ahead."

"Okay. But you have to be behind me though."

"No, no I will not," I then was dragged behind her and we were right in front of them.

"Hey Marcus." Marcus is one of her old friends, but like I said every guy doesn't really like her craziness, so things are about to go down.

"Hey guys I'm hungry lets go grab some food after.Oh Alex. Wait, what are you doing?" 

"Oh you know just talking to one of my old pals."

"Great, well I got to go, bye." 

Alex swings me in front of her for some reason and I fall on to Austin Mcalister.

"Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! Alex what was that for?" 

Alex apoligises and Austin just laughs it off. I get up from the mess and help Austin up. His group was already at the door and in the corner of my eye was Jenny flanoski. Austin's girlfriend.

Bit 2

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