What's in the Portfolio tab?

The portfolio tab breakdown down in three different tabs, "recent", "bits", "skrawls". 

In the "Recent" tab, there is 

- Your latest win: The most recent bit that you won in a writing challenge. 

- Recent Bits: The most recent bits you've entered or published. 

- Featured Skrawl: The skrawl that you have chosen to display on your profile.  

- Latest Skrawls: The skrawls that you have written recently. 

In the "Bits" tab, there is

- All

-Wins: All of the bits that you've won

-Self-Published: All of the bits that you have published yourself. 

In the "Skrawls" tab, there is

- Started: Skrawl you have created.

- Contributed To: Skrawls you have contributed a bit to. 

- Following: Skrawl you are following

- Drafts: Skrawls you have created, but not started writing yet. 

- Archived: All of the skrawls that you have deleted. These skrawls are not shown to the community, only shown to you. 

Bit 3 Bit 5

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