Your Profile has five tabs that break down information about you as a user and the activities you do on the site. The first is "Activity":

The activity wall will display your activity on the site. On the left side is your feed: This section shows all of your direct actions such as, when you read/write/vote on a skrawl and/or joined and created a pageIn the top righthand corner, you will find your statistics. This showcases your achievements on Skrawl

-Profile Views: The amount of times someone has visited your profile

-Wins: The amount of won entries you have versus all entries submitted

-Skrawl Points: You receive points based on how many clicks and participations you make on the site

-Skrawls Started: The amount of skrawls you have created yourself (this is the total amount of skrawls that were published, drafts, and archived)

In the bottom, right you will find "Recent Skrawls" and "Recent Pages", those are all the skrawls and pages you've visited recently.

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