Bit 1 Chapter One

Run. Run. Run!

Sprinting down the streets, I didn’t look behind me, knowing that the creature was just a step behind.

I’m running out of breath, having been running at top speed for a while. I don’t know what it is or why it is chasing me. I just don’t know.

Help me.


Grinning, I sat down in front of my best friends, Alycia and Chelsey, in Costa, setting down my smoothie, totally suitable for this cold weather.

“You guys ready for our mock exams next week?” I smiled slyly at them, sipping from my large cup, watching for their reactions. Chelsey grinned at me but shaking her head ‘no’, however, Alycia hit her head on the table and groaned, also shaking her head. I laughed at them and they joined in after, chuckling.

“So,” I start to say to Chelsey, changing the subject completely, “How’s your little boyfriend?”

Chelsey grinned in return. “It’s almost our six month anniversary.”

Alycia and I shared a look and then shouted “Get married!” To our amusement, she started blushing, and as we’re such good friends, we burst out laughing. Chelsey attempted to stop us, but it was to no avail, we carried on.

All was peaceful. However, that had to change.

Standing up from our seats as we finished our drinks, we made our way outside. As soon as we walked out the door, a man that looking in his late twenties with long, pitch black hair that was tied up in a high ponytail and startling blue eyes, started trekking towards us. My friends and I stopped short, confused as to why he was making his way over. It wasn’t long that he stepped directly in front of us. He spoke. “Hello, Megan Beck.” He smiled a little, looking directly into my eyes.

“Hello? Sorry, but have we met before?” I asked, confused. My friends stepped closer to me, protectively.

“Relax!” The man chuckled, however, Alycia and Chelsey didn’t stand down. “To your question, Megan, not personally, but I knew your father.”

“You know my father?” I asked, shocked to the core. I’ve only grown up with my adoptive mother, Caroline Beck.

“Yes.” The man smiled, “Would you like to meet him?”

I looked at him in the eye, suspicion lingering in my eyes. If he wanted to see me, why wouldn’t he visit me himself, instead of having to send a messenger?

Seeing my hesitation, the man smiled reassuringly. “I’m a... close friend of his. He asked me personally to come and retrieve you as he is a little bit, occupied at the moment.”

Thinking it over, I had finally come to a decision, but, I had one more question to ask him. “You know my name, but I don’t know yours. Am I able to know?” I asked carefully.

“Ah! Sorry about that! My name is Solomon Bevor. It’s nice to meet you.” The man, now known as Solomon, grinned sheepishly. Before I could reply, he said “However, before we get so far out of topic, what is your answer?”

“I’ll go with you; however, Alycia and Chelsey have to come with me. I’d prefer being around someone I knew well.” I replied.

“Fair enough; I understand your reasoning and it is okay by me!” He gave the three of us a cheesy thumbs up. Solomon started to walk away and we followed after him.

It was only minutes later that things went to shit.

Solomon led us down various turns, leading us to an unknown part of town. It looked run down and there was graffiti and smashed glass bottles and cans everywhere. Having enough of the silence, I asked “Where are we going, Solomon?”

“You’ll see, very soon.” He replied, however, when he turned forward, what I didn’t see was a malicious grin with sharp teeth and blood red eyes.

Finally, he led the three of us down a sketchy alleyway. He stopped and turned to face us. We were shocked to see deep, devil like eyes, his aura suddenly turned vicious. He grinned at our fear stricken faces, revealing his shark like teeth.

All having the same thoughts, we started to walk backwards. He followed. Turning around, we printed out of the alley way; however, the pounding of foot steps behind us noted that Solomon was a breath away behind us.

“You can’t run, Megan.” Your father and his men killed my whole clan while I was away on a mission. Killing you will damage him severally!” Solomon grinned sinisterly. He suddenly leaped, missing me by an inch, but tackled Chelsey to the ground.

“Chelsey!” Alycia and I shouted, panic taking over our bodies. Solomon grinned at our calls

and chomped down on Chelsey’s neck, ripping out a mouthful of flesh. Blood trickled down onto the floor, travelling towards the feet of Alycia’s and mine. I looked on in horror, too shocked with the situation. My body, frozen.

It was just a second later that Chelsey took her last breath.

Dead eyes looked towards, staring at us, saying ‘Why? Why didn’t you save me?’

Her body was laying a metre away.

Solomon’s head snapped up, blood of my best friend covered him from head to toe; on his face, around his mouth, all over his clothes. My eyes looked at him when I saw the sudden movement in the corner of my eye. Once my attention was directed towards him, he stood up slowly, stalking towards us. Tears fell uncontrollably down Alycia’s and mine’s faces. We turned around to run.

It was too late.

Solomon pounced on the unsuspecting Alycia. A hand went through her chest. A large squelching noise was heard. Turning around slowly, I prepared myself for the worst. It was horrible. Alycia stood there frozen, fear covering her face. I watched her, barely standing, as she looked down at the hand. She screamed, shouted more than ever before. I fell to the floor in grief and guilt

I couldn’t save them; my two best friends who had helped me through thick and thin, the people who saved me from falling into depression. Because I was weak, they died. Solomon pulled out his hand and the squelching noise happened again. Alycia’s... corpse... fell to the floor. The demon started to make his way towards me. I shouted in my mind “Weak... weak... weak... I killed them... I didn’t help them... I couldn’t save them... I’m too fucking weak!” I lost consciousness, but I saw everything.

My light brown hair turned a fiery red and orange. My green eyes turned a bright yellow. My body was on fire, literally. Acting upon instinct, my hand shot out towards Solomon. A fireball flew. Inside, I was freaking out. Outside, my face showed no emotion. When the fireball reached halfway, my hair and eyes changed again. The red and orange turned into pure white and the yellow switched to grey. My hand shot out again and a ball of wind ignited from my hand. The air and fire mixed which made the ball of flames twice as large. I watched Solomon’s face turn to that of horror as he took the fire directly.

When the fire cleared, Solomon’s body fell to the ground, never to breathe the air around him again.

What happened next confused me the most. My hair and eyes changed back to their original brown and green, but, when I look in the scenery, I was standing outside Costa, on my own, like nothing had happened at all.

I lost consciousness again.


My eyes shot open, only to close again after the shine of direct sunlight. ‘Where was I?’ Suddenly, all my memories of the day before rushed back to me, making me shoot up in bed. I instantly regretted it as pain shot through my whole body. Holding back a yelp, I tried another attempt, but doing so slowly, as to not cause myself any more pain than I already was. Looking around the room, I noticed that I was currently lying in a luscious, expensive looking bedroom. i questioned my location once again, confused on my whereabouts. A minute later of pondering, I heard the click of the door. Once it had opened, I saw someone, who looked to be a maid, walk in. She looked up but jumped in shock when she saw that I was awake and staring at her in confusion. Before I could ask her where I was, she ran out of the room screaming “Master!”. I continued to look at the door but it was only a moment later, a man that looked to be around his mid forties, walk into the room. He looked towards me and smiled warmly, making his way towards the bed.

He had dark brown hair and blue eyes; a powerful aura surrounded him as well, which caused me to feel awe towards his person, despite not knowing who this man was. “Hello, Megan.” The man smiled at me, eyes crinkling with kindness. I was shocked, how…? I wanted to leave, get back to my mum and have my life back to normal. “Now, I know you want to know where you are,” The man continued to speak. I nodded numbly. “But,” My face fell, “you need to rest and recover your strength, then I shall tell you.” He finished speaking but I wasn’t listening anymore; sorry, but I won’t be here when you next come back.

The man left the room after telling the maid, the one that was the first to see me in this new environment, to look out for me. Ha, fair chance. The woman turned to me and told me to rest. ‘Following’ orders, I lied back down under the covers, pretending to fall asleep. Once I heard the door click, I waited a few moments before chucking the covers off of my body before shooting out of it, as quickly as I could with this achey body. Collecting my phone and purse from the bedside table, I creeped to the door, opening it slowly, hoping that it didn’t creek; it didn’t. Looking left and right, I checked if there was anyone lurking. Lucky for me, there was no one. Running through the long, dark corridor, it took a while before I found a large, sturdy door. I hoped that it was the front door, but it was not. It was ajar and light was pouring out of it. Peaking in, I was surprised to see the kind man who entered my room earlier and a woman, who looked considerably younger, I didn’t recognise. It was second later that they started speaking. “Father, you’re going to have to tell her sooner or later.” The woman said, looking up at the elder man.

“I know, I know! But she’ll panic! She was taken from birth so she’s had to live with her adoptive parents for her whole life! She doesn’t know who we are, Jessica.” The man replied.

“I’m sure Megan will understand if you explain it fully to her.”

I jumped back from the door in shock. Me…? They’re talking about me? This can’t be! What the hell is happening here? Not being able to understand or comprehend, I turn and flee from the room, running to what turned out to be the entrance. Yanking it open, I sprinted outside, only to see nothing. I was surrounded by trees. I couldn’t escape. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try. I started sprinting towards the woods for what seemed like forever, however, I tripped over a root and tumbled to the floor, scratching myself to no belief. Adding that to my previous injuries, it was expected to turn out the way it did.

I’m sorry Chelsey. I’m sorry Alycia. I’m sorry mum.

I’m sorry…

I lost consciousness.



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