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"What a day, Mochi! What a day!" My Siamese cat greeted me as I kicked off my shoes and tossed my messenger bag onto my bedroom floor. I plopped down on the bed face first and groaned into the mattress. This would happen to me, of all people! Mochi was now pretending that my hair was a ball of yarn, so I reached up to scratch her behind the ears. Most people get their pendants and POOF, happily ever after, but not me. No! I’m stuck with Mr. “two pendants” Max instead of Mr. Right… My mother was going to have a field day! She called me every day to ask if it had “happened yet”. I can hardly blame her, since I’m her only child, and thus her only chance to have grandchildren (something she reminds me of constantly). Still, she’ll probably lose it when I tell her that “it happened” but I’m not any closer to happily ever after. Who knows…maybe she’ll be excited. I mean yesterday I had no prospects, and today I have two possibilities… Who am I kidding? She’s going to freak out!

Just then, I heard a muted buzzing noise. I pushed myself off the bed and rifled through my messenger bag until I found my cell phone. I didn’t have to look at the screen to know who it was. “Hi, Mom.”

“Diane! Where have you been? I’ve called ten times! If you didn’t answer this time I was going to..” I cut her off.

“I’m fine, Mom! I just got a little distracted today after work…” I trailed off at the end, but luckily I don’t think she noticed.

“Why? Has it happened?” I could hear the excitement in her voice and it made my stomach drop the way it does when you step off the curb thinking you’re still on solid ground. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t tell her.

“Nope…still as cold as ever…”

“Well, honey, you have to get out there and look! Your pendant will never activate if you are all cooped up in that tiny apartment every night!”

“I know, Mom…”

“And you know I love you and I just want you to find someone who will take care of you! I won’t be around forever!”

“I know, M..”

“You just have so much to offer, and I know that if you just got out more often, your pendant would do its thing!” I sighed…

“Well actually, Mom, I am going out.” I paused, but there was only silence. “I have plans to go out on Saturday with…a friend.”

“Well, that’s wonderful sweetie! I’m so glad you’re finally taking my advice. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Who is this friend who is finally getting you to leave the house?” I could hear the joy in her voice.

“Just someone I met at work…” It was technically not a lie…

“Well I’m glad she’s on my side!” I didn’t correct her…

The rest of the week went by quickly and before I knew it, I was pressing the snooze button on my alarm bright and early Saturday morning. I pulled the covers over my head, but, unlike most mornings when I easily drifted back into dreamland, I was already wide awake and restless. Not necessarily in a bad way. More like Tony from West Side Story right before he meets Maria at the dance. My brain was singing “Something’s Coming”. I threw off the covers and headed into the bathroom once my brain decided to remind me how that story ended. I speedily brushed my teeth and checked the clock. It was already 7 am and I had to be at work at 8:30. Usually I would just roll out of bed, put on something black, and pull a brush through my hair before tying it back and running out the door. Today I decided to put in a little more effort. I had to be prepared for anything because I wasn’t sure where we were going. The plan was for Max to pick me up at work at 3, and then…I’m sure there was more to the plan, but that was the only part I knew and I hadn’t heard from Max since that fateful day. I wouldn’t have time to do anything but freshen up after work, so I had to do my hair and makeup now. By that I mean, I had to burn myself with a curling iron, slather some stuff on my face, and put on too much blush, then try to wipe it off. It was quite a show if anyone had been there to see it. As it was, Mochi wandered in just in time to see me poke myself in the eye with the mascara wand. She gave me the same disapproving look that she usually reserved for the dry cat food I feed her when I accidentally forget to buy more cans of Friskies. “At least I’m trying,” I snapped, using a tissue to wipe off the black streaks under my eyes. I stepped back from the mirror to check on the progress I was making and decided it could be much worse. Mochi weaved in between my ankles as I made my way to the closet to pick out something to wear. It was still too cold out to wear a dress so I opted for a favorite pair of dark wash jeans and a black quarter sleeve knit top. The outfit looked a little drab so I threw on my comfy cable knit red and black sweater and my black Doc Martens. “So, what do think?” I asked Mochi, striking a pose. She just gave me her I’m hungry meow and sauntered toward the kitchen. “I love you too,” I mumbled as I traded the jeans for black work pants. I stuffed the jeans into my messenger bag before following Mochi to breakfast.

The walk to work was uneventful and I arrived unscathed, if a little chilly. I spent the morning dealing with the usual customers, some I now knew by name. Steve always got a grande cappuccino extra foam, Loretta always got a decaf dirty chai breve with whipped cream, and Roger always got “just coffee”. The list went on and on. The only difference today was that customers kept asking why I was “so dressed up”. I assumed they were referring to my makeup and hair because my clothes were the same as usual. I just smiled and said something lame like, “this old thing?” and kept working. I tried not to think about Max and our impending date, but I was acutely aware that 3 o’clock was fast approaching. My shift ended right at 2:45 and I ran to the bathroom to change. I figured that, after a full day of work, all the efforts of the morning would have been in vain, but as I gave myself a once over I found my makeup intact. Only some of the blush had faded and the curls in my hair had softened leaving a more natural look. “Don’t be nervous,” I said strongly to my reflection. “Today can’t go that badly. The worst that could happen is that he doesn’t show up. And I’m sure he’ll show up…” I took a deep breath and stepped out of the bathroom just as Max walked in the door.

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