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Bit 4

I charged toward him. He threw his hands up in surrender as I backed him into a corner. His legs hit a table and he looked around for any chance of escape.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I said furiously, poking him in the shoulder.

He tugged at his collar, before staring down at me, "look lady, I'm not sure what I did, but it was probably a mistake. Honest. I'm not a bad guy."

I glared at him. His shocked expression seemed true, did he honestly not remember me from this morning? "You stole my necklace. You remember that? Huh?" I dug my finger into his chest again, making him flinch backwards.

His eyes widened in realization. "That" He seemed to study me for a moment. "I...I didn't think I run into you again. At least not this soon."

I continued my glare, my hands moving to my hips. "Oh, so you just thought you might steal a poor girl's necklace, with no explanation, and hope that you never see her again? What kind of sicko are you?"

"Hey look it's not like that!" His hands went back up to surrender. "If you'll just..." He ran his hand through his hair, closing his eyes, "just let me explain."

I crossed my arms waiting for him to continue. He let out a sigh of relief and sat down at the table, I followed suit.

"Ok so," he looked me in the eyes briefly before quickly adverting his gaze. "The thing is... I have two necklaces."

My eyebrows knit together as I tried to realize what he was saying. "You mean, mine too?"

He shook his head. "Two besides yours."

My mouth opened and closed a few times like a fish. "Wha...why? Did you steal theirs too?"

"No no no no." He waved his hands as of to dismiss my assumption completely. "It's nothing like that."

My eyebrow raised, curious to hear his explanation.

He let out another sigh, threading his fingers together and twiddling his thumbs he began his story. "See I have 2 older brothers. Anyway the first one found his soul mate pretty young. His senior year of high school actually. They dated a few months, but knowing they were soulmates they got married pretty fast." I nodded my head along to his story. What he said was actually pretty common. He continued, "so they were married about 6 years when he found out she was cheating on him. They got a divorce and he said he wished he'd never had a soulmate pendant. Says he would have been better off making his own choice. My second older brother said he didn't want the same thing to happen to him and ended up giving me his pendant, whether to keep or throw away I'm not really sure. I kept it, figuring one day he might want it back, and that's how I ended up with two pendants."

I stared at him speechless. He let out a nervous chuckle and rubbed his neck. "I meant to hand you back your necklace originally, but then I felt one of the pendants in my pocket heat up. I got scared, so I ran. I don't know which is mine and which is my brother's, so I'm not sure who's soulmate you really are. I don't want to break his heart, and I don't want mine broken either. So I just kind of... ran."

I stared at him flabbergasted. So my soulmate was either him, or his brother and we don't even know. This whole story could be completely made up as well. I gripped the table tightly, hoping this was all a joke. " do you expect to believe some crazy nonsense like this?"

He lip formed a thin line before he quickly pulled his backpack in front of him and began looking inside. After a minute of shuffling around he pulled out three necklaces. Two were on silver chains and mine was on a blue chain. Mine and one of the others was glowing.

I let out a small gasp and then reached forward to take mine back. I held the glowing stone in my hand, looking from it to him and back again. He looked crestfallen. I didn't know what I was supposed to do with all this information. This could be my soulmate, but so could his brother. Do I date...both? His brother doesn't even want a soulmate so how would I go about this? I could feel a headache forming, I rubbed my forehead with two fingers.

I looked at him again, "so what are we supposed to do now?"

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  • Lily Kay
    Lily Kay almost 5 years ago

    Hello loves! I really enjoy how my story is going. I'm SO sorry that Bit 4 is so late—super busy, finals, ugh. I forgot about Skrawl. I'm back now though! Keep doing what you're doing. Comment for any questions if you want my opinion on anything, mes cheris! ❤️