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Sarah Davis

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I grabbed hold of my charm, feeling the heat through my gloves. I turned in circles hoping to figure out who my soul mate might be.

“Hello?” I cried out. Hoping that he might be looking for me too, but there were just too many people bustling by.

They bounced me around as they continued their everyday routes.

“Watch it!”

“Look where you’re going!” They yelled at me.

One person knocked into my elbow, pulling my hand away from my chest, necklace tight in my fist. Another person shoved into me causing me to drop my necklace altogether.

My eyes widened as I watched it fall to the street. I needed to get it back or I’d never discover who my soul mate is.

I began to fight through the mass of people, as they kicked my necklace around, desperate to get it back.

I neared it and as I was about to bend over to pick it up someone grabbed it before I could. “Here, I think this is yours…” He trailed off as he held tight to my pendant, the chain dangling in front of me.

My blue-grey eyes met his green ones, hiding under a mop of brown hair and behind thick hipster glasses. He gulped right as I reached out to grab the necklace, “Thank y…”

I was cut off as he tightened his grip around my pendant and took off running in the opposite direction.

I stood there stunned watching as he disappeared behind the corner. A horn honking brought me back to reality and I quickly got out of the street.

I jogged to the corner, but he was gone of course.

Was that my soul mate? Why would he run away, with my necklace no less? Is there something wrong with me? I shook the thoughts from my head. No. I’m going to find him and when I do I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. I’ll start by looking at Chicago State University because based off his sweater that’s where he goes…or went. I nodded sharply now that I had a plan of action.

I looked at my phone. It was almost 9, I needed to hurry to work or I’d be late. I shoved the phone back in my pocket and headed on my way.

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  • Lily Kay
    Lily Kay about 5 years ago

    Both entries were really great, guys, awesome job!

  • Lily Kay
    Lily Kay about 5 years ago

    I'm leaving it up to you guys now, k? Do what you will with my story, make it beautiful :)