I stare out the barred window at a tree out of sheer boredom from the back of the drab classroom that smells like cat pee and old man. My eyes wander back to the clock, and to my utter despair time had only given me a few more minutes into the painfully long hour class. I sighed as I watched the thin elderly teacher named Mr. Berglund shakily draw the human brain on the chalkboard. Psychology 101, the most mind-numbing and torturous class this school has to offer. I can tell it’s for all the kids who have some sort of behavior issue due to the fact that the first five minutes of class entailed two girls getting in a bloodthirsty battle over some Jock who laughed when he saw them tackle each other to the floor and numerous paper wads being thrown around, not including the school security officer who came running in and handcuffed the two girls who somehow turned from enemies to friends as they walked out shouting out death threats to the Jock. Not to mention the fact that it took nearly twenty minutes for him to take role and everyone to make comments about my name. Great class.

I glanced back forward at Mr. Berglund who was still mumbling about hormones in the brain.

“Hey.” whispered a sickly sweet voice.

I ignore the voice, hoping they will give up.

“Hello? Hey. Pssst. Hey. Hey Dante.” The girly voice whispered, poking the side of my head with a pencil.

Oh god, please for the love of christ shut up! I looked over annoyed and irritated to see that it was the tall cheerleader from this morning.

“What do you you want?” I asked in a bored voice.

She giggled, “Hiya! I’ve never seen you before.” Ignoring my uninterested tone.

“Are you new here? Where did a tall, strong, sexy boy like you come from?”.

“Who the the hell are you?” I replied, ignoring all of her flirtatious questions.

She pretended to laugh hard and snorted obnoxiously, like that was attractive.

“I’m Courtney, head cheerleader and recently single.”

She smiled, placing her hand on my knee while licking her pink glossy lips in what I guess would be a seductive manner.

“Of course.” I said, pushing her hand with perfectly polished fingernails off my knee.

Courtney twirled a strand of her long blonde hair. She really wasn’t going to give up.

“Wanna know how a girl like me got single?”

I laughed without humor.


She gave me an amazed look, but quickly pushed it aside.

“Well.” She started. “It’s because my last boyfriend, my ex cheated on me with some dyke.”

She spat out “ex” and “dyke” as though they were some disease that infected the whole human race. Noticing that I was disinterested she smiled sweetly.

“But it doesn’t matter because he’s a nobody. I believe everything happens for a reason, don’t you?”

“Nope.” I replied only half telling the truth.

“Well maybe you should. Because I believe that it’s an awful coincidence that right after my boyfriend cheated on me, you come! The perfect remedy for a broken heart, a bad boy.”

Before I could dignify myself to respond to that Mr. Berglund looked up from a book he was lecturing from and looked at something in the back of the class.

“Ah, Ms. Raven I’m so pleased to see that you found your way to school today.” He said with fake enthusiasm.

I looked over my shoulder to see a small figure standing behind me. She was significantly shorter than me, perhaps a five inch difference with large dark brown eyes that held no emotion or life within them. Her light golden skin seemed to be smooth and flawless except for the light brown freckles on her cheeks. Her deep crimson hair looked as though it was a self undercut pixie haircut that contrasted dramatically with her worn black leather motorcycle jacket, black military style combat boots, and baggy camouflage cargo pants. Even with her jacket zipped up I could see the unnatural curve of her sides. If she wasn’t severely underweight then she was very close to it. I was amazed at the fact that I didn’t hear her come in, especially with her bulky boots but I assume that due to her unhealthy weight she couldn’t make noise if she tried.

She seemed to scoff softly to herself. Her silver stud earrings on her earlobe and cartilage rings glimmering sharply in the light.

“Yeah, sorry about that teach. I was so busy studying for this that I forgot where this hellhole was.”

“Well I’m sure all the studying in the world wouldn’t help your grade in this class.” Mr. Berglund replied.

The whole class was now looking at Scarlett, waiting for her response.

“You know it’s funny that you say that teach because isn’t it true that you flunked out of college three times?” She said with a daring smirk.

Mr. Berglund’s face turned bright red. She was obviously telling the truth.

“That is none of your business.” he snapped. “Sit down.”

“Oh but teach it is my business. As a student it’s my right to know how qualified my teacher is. And besides I don’t blame you. It must have been so hard to know that you were such a disappointment to your father, that’s why he cut you off isn’t it? You weren’t adding up. That’s why you never married isn’t it? You couldn’t find any woman who wanted to be with a loser like you.”

Suppressed laughs was heard all over the classroom, some whispered about the complete and humiliation shock on Mr. Berglund’s face.

“I should have you expelled.” He warned through gritted teeth.

Scarlett laughed.

“Oh you know you can’t. Not legally at least. And besides you need me, you need all of us. You’re paid by how many of us attend your class, without me you can barely afford your TV dinner.”

Mr. Berglund inhaled deeply. His nostrils flaring with rage.

“Sit Down.”

Scarlett looked over, her eyes narrowing as if noticing me for the first time and then she glanced at Courtney who looked like Scarlett was the most disgusting thing she has ever seen.

“There's a scrub and an oversized barbie doll in my spot.” She said with a sneer, looking at me and Courtney.

Mr. Berglund glared angrily at her.

“Just sit down!” He practically screamed.

“Okay.” she called as she plopped herself right on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs swung over me like some wedding day photo.

The whole class broke into hysterics as Mr. Berglund yelled for everyone to be quiet.

“So what’s a pretty boy like you doing in a place like this?” She asked sarcastically.

Courtney glared evilly at her.

“Get off him you skank!” She yelled as she jumped up from her seat with her fists clenched.

“Awwwwww.” Scarlett faked whined.

“I was just trying to be friendly.”

I tried to push her off but she held on more tightly, practically shoving my face deep into her soft neck. I couldn’t help but notice a very weak but familiar fragrance coming from her but I quickly ignored the temptation of thinking too much about it. I didn't want to cause a scene though realistically there was no possible way I could have.

As she sat in my lap blabbering on sarcastically I caught sight of a small elegant scribble peeking from her jacket, right beneath her collarbone. I stared intensely with curiosity. This strange yet compelling piece of an unexpected tattoo made me well intrigued. Something that has always been very difficult to do.

From the corner of my eye I saw the nasty look she was giving me for peeking. She zipped up her jacket all the way, covering her entire neck with another warning glare in her eye. Now I was very intrigued.

Just when I thought things were going to get worse the bell rang signaling freedom from this unexpected endeavor. As quickly and quietly as she came in Scarlett was gone and out of sight. Just when I stood up Courtney was all over me mumbling about how she needs to wipe off the loser from me. I pushed her away and headed out. With Courtney staying behind to say something about Scarlett to her friends.

Strangest introduction ever.

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