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Bit 1 Sweet Denial

"You know he likes you right?"

Tony laughed. "Who JARVIS? He better, I made him."

Bruce walked into the living room to join Clint and Tony, who were watching a movie. "Who likes who?" Bruce asked plopping onto the couch.

"Steve." Tony huffed.

 Bruce smiled at Tony's child like manner. "Yea Steve likes you. You didnt know that?"

Tony rolled his eyes. "No he doesn't."

"Call him capscicle. He'll blush. Call him babe he'll blush. Hell call him Daddy and he'll blush."

"But I call everyone babe, it makes you guys uncomfortable." Tony smirked then groaned quietly.

Clint had a point, Steve only blushed when he called him something.

"Tony!" Steve yelled out from the kitchen.

They all turned towards Tony. "Your lover boy's calling you." Natasha said, sitting next to Clint.

Tony rolled his eyes and shuffled into the kitchen. "Whats up Capscicle?"

Steve blushed lightly and rolled his eyes. "What did I tell you about having alcohol in the house?"

Awhile ago, (after Tony and Pepper broke up and he got crazy drunk) Steve made it a rule that nobody was allowed to have alcohol in the house. Steve shook the half empty vodka bottle. "Do I have to start treating you like a child?"

Tony smirked. "No Daddy." The words went straight to Steve's dick. "What'd you call me?"

 "Nothing Daddy." Damn. Tony needed to stop.

Steve grabbed the alcohol bottle and threw it in the trash. "Stop."

Tony smirked. They were right Steve maybe did have a crush on him, but that didnt mean Tony liked him back.


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