Bit 9 Chapter Nine: It All Comes Out

Claire's POV

Claire decided to tell Michael everything, he didn't take it too well though.

"You what?!" he all but shouted at her. Shane was out somewhere so they could talk freely. "Does Shane know?"

Claire shook her head.

"What the fuck Claire!" She felt like the size of a mouse cowering from a lion. "How could you not tell him, he should of been the first person you told!"

"I was going to tell him, I swear!"

"You are telling him, as soon as he walks through the front door" He had calmed down now but only a bit. He grabbed her by the shoulders "How could you be so stupid Claire"

"I don't know" Claires eyes started tearing up but she refused to cry in front of Michael, however that didn't work as a single tear crawled down her face. "Michael, please don't hate me"

"It's not me you have to worry about" he said sympathetically. He didn't say anything after that, just walked away disappointed.

"Michael" Claire tried and failed to get him to turn around.

She felt so alone, Eve was the only one who stuck by her and if this was how Michael reacted, how the hell was Shane going to take the news.

She paced back and forth around the house, not being able to stay still. Why did I even kiss him she thought to herself if I had just walked away none of this would of happened!

You obviously have feelings for him the annoying voice in her head said, desperately trying to block it out she got her phone out, attached her earphones and put her music on.

She went and sat in the parlor room, the one no one ever used, in hope she wouldn't be disturbed by any one but just as she sat down, Michael popped his head round the corner. He was mumbling something she was unable to hear until she took her earphone out to listen to his voice more clearly. "I'm going out" he told her "Stay here. I don't want you running away while I'm gone to get out of telling Shane about you and Myrnin." she just nodded in agreement and placed her earphone back.

She was going over what to say to her boyfriend when she heard the front door close. "Hello?" she called. Turning her music off, Claire walked towards the door to see who had entered it. Unfortunately for her it was Shane. "Oh its you"

"Who was you expecting? The milk man?" He was in quite a happy mood and she hated that she was going to ruin it.

"Could of been Eve, dumbass" she tried to make him laugh.

"You've been around her for too long, you're starting to speak like her" he commented.

"Want some coffee?" Claire questioned. She figured if she was going to break the news to him, she had to keep him happy, that way he wouldn't get that angry at her, and who doesn't like coffee?!

"Yea please, I think I'm going to die if I don't have a drink"

"Go and sit down, I'll bring it through"

As Claire walked through the house holding the cups of coffee her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. She had to try everything to stop the coffee from being spilt because her hands we're shaking so much.

"Here you go" she said passing Shane his drink. She sat down opposite him and slowly sipped her drink, scared to say anything.

"So" Shane said. "You done anything today?"

"No, not really" Everything was going through Claire's head and she felt sick from all the possibilities that could come from this. How would Shane take the news? He's going to really hate me.. She thought.

"Shane" she said putting her mug down on the table "there's something you need to know"

"Yeah?" he asked. His tone became more serious as he realised Claire wasn't joking. "what's that?"

"Well, you see.. I don't really know how too say this" she mumbled trying to put the moment off longer.

"Spill it Claire" Shane said growing impatient. He put his drink down.

"I've done something really terrible Shane and I feel so bad it ever happened" Claire was saying, as apologetically as she could.

"Claire just get it over with"

"Me and Myrnin, Myrnin and I.. we, well we, you know"

"What Claire. What did you and Myrnin, Myrnin and you do?" his harsh tone came across all to clear and it was obvious he knew what she was trying to say.

"Shane please don't make me say it. I feel bad enough, plea-"

"No. I want to hear the words from your mouth Claire. Go on!" he wasn't shouting yet which probably scared Claire more.

"Alright. You really want to hear me say it? Even though you know how much it's going to hurt you to hear it and and how much its going to hurt me to tell you?" Shane just nodded. "Okay. I slept with Myrnin. Behind your back. There, are you happy now?!" Claire's voice started to raise.

Shane's voice however stayed calm, for now. "Does Eve know?" Claire nodded "does Michael know?" Claire nodded again "was I the last person to find out?" Claire nodded a third time. "Fuck sake Claire! How could you? If it wasn't bad enough you sleeping with him, you couldn't tell me first? You had to gossip about it before you told your boyfriend? I bet you've been fucking him all this time haven't you? All the times you've denied it, you've just been lying to me"

"That's not true! It happened once! Only once."

"Bullshit" Shane shouted. Now he was angry. "I knew Claire, I already knew, I heard you talking about it but I just wanted you too tell me before the whole house found out and you couldn't even do that!"

Now it was my turn to get angry "you what? You're angry at me for not saying anything when you could of talked to me and told me you knew!"

"I'm not the one sleeping with my boss behind your back" Shane's faced had turned to stone. no expression anymore.

"Shane, please" Claire begged.

"Don't bother Claire. I don't even want to see you again" Was all Shane said before storming off upstairs to his bedroom.

Claire wanted to cry but no tears fell. It was all her fault, she was really the only person to blame. She had betrayed Shane's trust and that something she didn't expect him to forgive her for ever again. She's lost him.

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