Bit 8 Chapter Eight: Secrets

Claire's POV

Claire couldn't escape Eve no matter how hard she tried. When Claire got in she went straight to her bedroom and was faced with a stern looking Eve, arms crossed.

"Hi Claire" Eve said. "Glad too see you back home. Lets hope you stay here this time instead of wondering around in the dark like last night"

"Eve, I'm sorry"

"Then tell me where you went last night and stop trying too dodge me"

Claire sat down on the edge of her bed and Eve followed. "I just needed to get out last night"

"So why didn't you come back?"

"I got caught up" Claire stuttered.

"Where?" Eve demanded.

Claire started stumbling on her words and she didn't know how she could avoid the situation any longer. "I..I went to see Myrnin"

"Why didn't you want to tell me that?" Eve's tone was softer now.

"Because.. Eve I'm a terrible person" Claire broke down in tears and couldn't get another word out.

"Why?" Eve grabbed Claire by the shoulders when she couldn't get Claire to answer "why Claire? Why are you a terrible person? Tell me!"

"I..I" more sobs came from Claire and she was breathing heavily whilst trying to speak "I..slept..with..him"

"What?" Confusion and concern came from Eve.

Claire looked Eve in the eyes and said, "I slept with him, Eve. I slept with Myrnin" the tears started again and this time Claire couldn't get them too stop. Eve hugged Claire tightly, not showing any signs of wanting to let go.

"Shh" Eve whispered "It's OK, It's OK"

"It's not. What have I done? How could I have been so stupid!"

Claire and Eve sat on Claire's bed hugging each other tight until Claire had stopped crying, which took a while and by the time the flood of tears stopped Claire was already in her bed and drifting off to sleep.

"Goodnight" Eve said quietly and left Claire's room.

Eve's POV

I wasn't angry at Claire, I was even the slightest bit annoyed. I could never be mad at her, she was practically my sister and I would stick by her through anything just like I know she would stick by me so I was going to stick by her through this, no matter what Shane or Michael said. They don't have too know do they? Of course they do. Well at least Shane does but it was Claire's choice on when she decided to tell him.

I was comforting Claire because she was crying heavily and I hated seeing her so upset. She slowly started to drift off so I carefully moved her so she was more comfortable and quietly exited her room. I closed her door behind me and as I did I saw Shane's door shut too, I shrugged it off because he could of just been coming upstairs and I don't think Shane would eavesdrop. I decided to let it slide and went into my own room to enjoy a night of peaceful sleep.

Shane's POV

I don't normally listen in to other peoples conversations, especially my friends but I heard Claire's voice and I had to hear too the sweet tone of her angelic sound. I didn't mean to listen in to Claire and Eve's whole conversation but my girlfriends voice was so addictive and I needed to hear more of it.

I only heard parts of their discussion but I heard something along the lines of "went to see Myrnin" and "I slept with him". It didn't take a genius to put two and two together.

I couldn't believe it. After all Claire said, Oh Shane, nothings going on with me and Myrnin. I love you Shane, not him! And she's banging him behind my back! I love Claire and she means the world to me but this is a new kind of low for her. I'll never be able to forgive her for this. I had to act like I knew nothing about it which pained me, what was more painful though was not knowing if Claire was going to tell me or not.

I let my anger out by punching my pillow, I would of punched my wall but (a) I would punch it so hard I would probably break my hand and (b) Claire would know I heard her up because I know I can be violent but I don't go punching walls for no reason and I want Claire to tell me herself.

I had so many questions that needed answering like, why? and Has it been going on a while? Was she lying to me when she said nothing was going on between her and Myrnin? Looks like those questions we're going to have to go unanswered until she told me the truth.

"Hey man" the voice of Michael coming from my bedroom door startled me "you OK?" He asked.

"Yea" I stopped punching my pillow and faced away from him, I didn't want to drag him into this crap, "I'm fine"

"Are you sure? You we're-" He started, I cut him off.

"I said I'm fine" I told him sharply

"I was just checking" Michael left after that. I didn't want to shut him out but this was my problem not his, it was between me and Claire.

I told Michael I was fine but here I was letting my anger out by punching a pillow. I was far from fine. 

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